I can't tell her that I like her, I can only yank her antenne,

Maybe hit her with a dodgeball,

She doesn't know, it means the same thing, after all.

The minute I saw her, I knew she was perfect,

Despit the fact, that she was a defect.

I knew that I loved her at first sight, but I fought it,

My heart was a water balloon, and she was the only one who caught it.

She is perfect in every way,

In the glow of the moon, or the light of the day.

We laugh together,

We always have a blast,

I hope it lasts forever.

I deny my love, but I don't know why,

Why should I hide my love for someone as beautiful,

As the evening sky.

We're just friends,

That is as close as we might ever be in my eyes,

And if I'm wrong,

That would be a pleasant surprise.

Whenever I make her laugh,

I feel as if I could soar,

I wish we could laugh together,

Forever more.

Okay maybe that's a long time,

But a guy can dream,can't I?

But no matter how much we laugh,

No matter what we do,

One question is always there,

Does she like me too?

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