This page is where you can nominate and vote for the featured character of the month!


  • No voting for your own character
  • You must have a good reason why you voted for that character in your vote
  • If your character wins, you can't nominate it again until after six months have passed.
  • If your character doesn't win, you can nominate it the month after until it does.
  • Your character cannot be a Mary Sue.
  • You can only nominate one character a month.
  • You must leave a signature at the end of your vote.

July 2012



  1. Sol is a very solid character with her own perks and flaws, this makes her a good choice for feactured character- Invader Gia



  • Created by Invader Gia
  1. Rae is funny, and is always in trouble, he is a character that people remember and like


  • Created by Invader Gia


  1. Jon is very creative and funny, he's a good character, and is the master of pranks. I vote for him. "Why did the ardvark cross the road?" "To beat up the idiot telling jokes about him?" "T_T" 18:13, June 23, 2012 (UTC)



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