Chapter One

Skool...the one place to go if you're a sixth grader wanting to learn lessons way too graphic for a kid your age. Yeah, pretty much. How did the most "adorable"--I didn't dub myself that--boy get here?

It was the first day of sixth grade. I shouldn't be here! I'm supposed to be in eigth grade. I want to actually learn something! Why can't an eleven-year-old get a good education here? At least I'll be the top of my class. But what does it matter if I'm not getting a proper education for my grade level? Whatever.

I stood up and walked to the front of the class.

"My name is Toby Chorleas. I'm eleven years old, but my grade level is eighth. I'm glad to have gotten into this class at all, but I was really hoping for a proper education. I'm a video game nerd, and I do admit to playing way too many. I can easily read code without help from the computer.I meet most people online, but having friends IRL is pretty important, too."

Someone raised their hand and asked, "What does IRL mean?"

"In real life," I replied. "Anyway, I'm working on my first 8-bit video game and I was up until three o'clock this morning working on it. It's almost finished and once I test it and make sure it works, I'll try to sell it for some extra money.

"One of my friends call me 'Wyatt Black' or the 'soon-to-be Max Ross.' I am very friendly and tough as diamond most of the time, but there are rare occasions where I have snapped."

I bowed slightly and walked back to my seat.

"Tekka, you're next," Ms. Bitters called.

A beautiful girl with long jet-black hair and sapphire blue eyes walked to the front of the class. She wore black boots and a pretty purple dress.

"My name is Tekka Aelius and I am twelve years old. I may look sweet, but if you get in my way, I will crush you without mercy. My childhood was harsh, so I'm not the type to mess with."

She was the most perfect girl I had ever laid eyes on.

Maybe I should try to invite her to my house later, I thought. My dad wouldn't care, he just told me girls are a burden. My mom doesn't have to know I was hanging out with a girl my age alone in a bedroom. It's not like we're gonna do anything anyway.

I pulled myself from my thoughts and moved my gaze from Tekka to Ms. Bitters to hopefully learn something new.

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