This is pretty much what I do every day, enjoy! :D

The loud, annoying, incessant beeping of the Tweety Bird alarm clock woke the girl from a pleasant dream. Of course, she couldn't remember any of it as soon as she woke up.

"Ugh...Shut UP already!" She groaned, reaching out across her nightstand and whacking the clock until it was silent once more.

Satisfied for the moment, she rolled away from the clock, and found herself facing the back of someone's light brown hair.

Startled for a moment, she jolted upright in her bed, until she noticed a yellow hardhat sitting neatly atop a brown tool belt in her pink rocking chair.

"Oh, geez, it's only Felix..." She said to herself, standing up, streching her arms, and rubbing her eyes.

Quietly, she crept over to the dresser and grabbed a white T-Shirt that bore the words, "I love boys with accents," (The word 'accents' was highlighted in gold lettering), a yellow sweatshirt, (that she planned to leave unzipped for the words to show), and blue jeans.

As quiet as it was, the sounds must have awoken the handyman from his sleep, because he began to stir, before sitting up and rubbing his green eyes.

She was just lucky that he woke up AFTER she had finished changing.

Looking at her, it took a moment for him to recall where he was. Glancing around the room at the lily-pink walls and large collection of plastic figures and stuffed animals, he soon remembered.

The girl smiled lazily at him, "Mornin', Felix." She said, rather sleepily.

Nodding in her direction, hopping out of the bed, and giving her a bright smile, he replied, "Good morning, sleep well?"

The brunette nodded, yawning, she was never much of a morning person.

"Good, good, so, what are we doin' today?" He asked, his Georgian accent dripping over his words.

"The usual," she replied, "Wake up, walk to the bus stop, listen to music while I ride the bus, go into school, go to all my classes, go home, greet my family, do homework and practice piano, then go upstairs for an hour or two and play "The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker." There'll probably be other stuff as well."

"Well, I'll be there with you the whole time." He said with another cheery smile. "It's a...'B' day, right?"

"Yep, no gym class, only choir!" The hazel-eyed girl responded happily.

Felix laughed, "Great, are you ready to face the day?" He asked her.

She shrugged, "As I'll ever be."

"Well," He began placing a hand on her shoulder, "Like I said, I'll be there for you the whole time...Plus, you've got your good luck charm." He said, picking up a Fix-It Felix Jr. figurine from the nightstand.

She chuckled slightly amd grabbed the toy, "Thanks, Felix."

"No problem, Ms. Gia."

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