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Name: Eve

Species: Human-Irken Hybrid

Height: (Three) Same as Sig (Eleven) Same as Zay

Eye Color: Tan

Hair Style: Long; Scruffy

Symbol: Doll

Favorite Color: Blue/Grey/Yellow

Parents: Zay and Dib

Age: Eleven

Birthday: May 31

Gender: Female

Love Interest: Zion

Most Likely to Say: "H...Hi..."

Least Likely to Say: "Hello! I'm Eve! How are you today?"

Physical Appearance

Eve has pale humanoid flesh, and large, tan, Irken eyes. She has long, untidy, scruffy black hair, and a pair of glasses. Her antenne curl outwards. She wears a light blue jacket, over a grey tanktop with a bright yellow star on the front of it. She also has a long, blue and yellow skirt covered in yellow stars. She has small, yellow shoes on her feet.


Her disguise is nothing much, all she really does is put on some lenses, and puts her antenne down, so they blend in with her hair.


Eve was always quiet...She never said much, she didn't have much to say. She often let her brother, Zag, speak for her. As she got older, she spoke more frequently, but only in the presence of her parents. Most of the time, she only speaks to her father, Dib. Although, she met a very special boy, that got her talking more often...



Zim doesn't find Eve that annoying, in fact, he finds her kind of cute. He supported her when she first tried to walk. He'll help her when he can. He cares about Eve as if she was one of his own, but would never say so out loud.


Eve loves her father with all her heart. She wants to be just like him when she grows up, and looks up to him like an idol. She often speaks more frequently in his presence than in anyone else's, and when she was younger, he was the only one who could get her to fall asleep.


Eve cares about her mother deeply, but can be a tad disobedient towards her, but not usually. She doesn't talk as much around Zay as she does with, but still talks more often around her than other people.

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