This character belongs to ~InvaderEva~. If you steal this OC without my permission, i'll make you wish you were never born.


Name: Invader Eva

RYU and Eva
RYU and Eva (Disguised)

Age: 15 (Human) 150 (Irken)

Siblings: None

Gender: Female


Symbol: Moon

Love interest: None

Personality: Determined (Irken) Innocent (Human)

Looks: (Irken) Her skin is a dark/light skin, her outfit is the normal Irken outfit colored blue with a moon in the middle. Her PAK is blue with the spots being a light blue, Her eyes are blue, and her antennas are slightly curved. RYU (S.I.R Unit) looks exactly like G.I.R, but with the color red.

(Human) Her outfit is a blue shirt with a light blue heart on it with a golden heart locket, her hair is blonde with a red bow and a diamond, and RYU (S.I.R Unit) has a kitten disguise.

Most likely to say: "What's up?"

Least likely to say: "I feel bad for you."


She has a dark history that you don't wanna know about.

Eva does have a soft side sometimes.

I'm probably going to add some more later. I don't know.

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