Warning: ZAGR

"Pathetic Planet..." Zim muttered bitterly, sidestepping around small puddles, "Even Zim's minor had better..." He paused, not knowing the human term, "Weather... than this floating sphere of dirt," he growled.


He turned to see raven black hair, and bespectacled, determined, accusing tan eyes.

"Dib.." Zim spat.

The alien's gaze soon became fixated on soft violet hair, pale skin, and squinted eyes.

"What do we have here," he questioned, eyeing the girl suspiciously.

"None of your business, alien-scum," Dib said, swiftly blocking her from the Zim's view.

"Shut up, Dib," the girl hissed, shoving him aside. "I'm Gaz," she told him, meeting Zim's eyes with her own.

"Gaz..." he murmered, as if trying out the name.

He leaned forward, inspecting her closely, she turned a light shade of red before pushing him out of her way.

"Stupid alien..." Gaz growled before turning to stalk away.

"Alien!" Zim stood up and spun her around. "I am a perfectly normal, filthy, human worm!"

"Oh yeah?" Gaz raised an eyebrow, as if challenging the alien.

"Yes," Zim declared.

Taking this as acceptence, Gaz snapped her Game Slave 2 shut for the moment and reached out with both hands.

"These," she grasped Zim's lenses and slowly peeled them off. "Are fake," she continued, letting them drop to the ground, and leaving his magenta eyes exposed. "This," she grabbed the point of his wig and pulled kit off, revaling his antenne. "Is a wig, your skn is green, and your "dog" has a zipper on the front of him." She dropped the wig, yanked his antenne, and turned away.

Zim gathered his disguise; put it back on, and was about to follow her when he was shoved frm behind.

'Back off," Dib yelled.


"Stay away from my sister!"

"I have no intention of going near the Gaz-creature."

"I don't even care if you like her, just stay back!"

Zim looked insulted, "Like her? I would never bestow such an honor on a human." Zim eyed Gaz, "I will admit, however, Little Gaz is... how you humans say, attractive."

Gaz growled, but a hint of blush could be seen on her face.

"But I, Zim, have no feeling for her whatsoever!"

Feeling satisfied for the moment, Dib grabbed his sister's arm and walked off down the street.

When they were far enough away, Zim chuckled to himself.

"That, of course, was a lie," he said, as he dashed off to meet Gaz, who had broken free of Dib, not caring how many puddles he splashed in along the way.

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