Elliot Switzner


==She was born in a Protestant family, raised in broken Protestant beliefs. Her fat her was a nervous wreck of a man, having a problem with slurring his words. Her mother had died of food poisoning(or so it they say). Elliot is antisocial, non-conforming, misanthrope. Elliot could care less about the world, and hardly speaks a word. When she does, it's usually some obscenity telling someone to bug off. She listen to mostly death metal, listening to it most of the day. No one talks to her, and she likes to keep that way.==

There has only been one person, or rather, Dragon who has ever broken her mask. And Coal is the only person that Elliot actually likes other than En.


Elliot is a very cynical, and sarcastic person, with a very dry and dark sense of humor. She hates everything about humans, including herself. She also hates pity, and would prefer being slapped upside the head and being told to quit whining than to someone say to say their sorry, especially when there's people in worse situations.


The main thing that sets off Elliot it is her fiery, wild, red hair, and her piercing grey eyes, made even more sharp with the dark circles around them. She has pale skin from the lack of sunlight. Her typical attire is a black tank top with a green shirt over it, dark blue skinny jeans, and grey combat boots. She's quite skinny, and doesn't eat much. Oh, and she has black rimmed glasses. She's very near-sighted.


Tain't Finished.

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