Name: Ecard Race: Nightmare Irken


Common, Ecard, we all know that you love this song :3 XD

Height: A little taller then Drace

Age: Unknown

Fav color: Black, white and red

Love interest: Idas


Ecard is normally really mean and moody. Basically, he's the opposite of Drace. The only time that he's nice, is when he's actually in a very good mood. He hates it when people pee him off, and he can kill easily. But if you jess with Dracey, you've got another thing coming.



Ever since they were Smeet's, they've always been together no matter what. He first appeared to be Drace's shadow, until one day he showed off his true form in front of everyone in training, learning more about his power. He then learnt more than he should, and went insane in the head, trying to kill Drace. But he never did. Drace and Ecard's relationship are like twin brothers that don't get along. But they help each other out when they need each other the most. Ecard actually secretly loves Drace, but never sh

ows it or has never told anyone before.


Their relationship together has gotten stronger and stronger. The more they love, the more their powers work ((in some way..)). Ecard and Idas are together in a relationship, and later on in the future have two children, Elad and Remmus. He tries his best for Idas, but still stays at his normal personality. 

Elad and Remmus:

Ecard actually doesn't hang out with his kids that much, but wishes to know them better. He teaches them how to hunt and told them about the sort of powers you could get. TBA


Their relationship together are just good friends; since Rammi is immortal, he stays the same age, so when Ecard and Drace were Smeet's, Rammi was their teacher. Ecard actually loved Rammi as their teacher, because "he was fun and liked to yell a lot at Irken's", and he actually wanted to follow in his footsteps. But Rammi got "fired" because one of his training robots went crazy, and as a secrete between you and me, killed Mas' brother and her eye got pulled out. Since then, he and Rammi were good friends.    Crew ((my friends OC UwU)):

Crew is Ecard's best friend, they first met in an Irken prison and Crew helped Ecard escape. ((It was funny 'cause Crew is like in his 20's)) Ever since then they have talks, fun activities, even start beating up each other for fun ((andtheyoncehadasleepovereiswassofunny)).




I keep changing his appearance so I dunno. He wears a blue hoodie with black pants and white shoes, his eyes are red and he's antennas are just like Drace's, but one of them has an "earring" on it. 


He has blonde spiky hair and red eyes, he's peachy in his skin, and he still wears a blue hoodie, but underneath it he has a pink top. 
Broken heart
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