Jessica was popular, she had many friends, and many boys liked her. But none of them got rid of the loneliness she felt every day.  She was ready for another day at school. She kicked open the door, causing a cloud of dust. It got on some green kid's feet and he started screaming. "Ah! Poison! Agh! It's going to kill me! It.." Jessica continued walking. "Moron," she muttered. "Who?! Who dares to throw this poison on ZIM?!" the green kid shouted from the other end of the hall. The crowd parted to reveal Jessica. "He's reacting like that to dust, it's like he's or something!  I mean, who else would call it poison?" She laughed. "See?" said a large-headed boy from next to her. Oh great! she thought.
Lunch was the same as usual.  The green-headed kid was holding his spoon away from him. She knew he hated peas. Now for a trick. Hmm... She rubbed her hands together evilly and smirked. Jessica walked over to....Zim and shoved his head into his peas. He screamed and fell over into the dusty spider webs on the uncleaned wall. "Agh! The poison! It's here again!" The kids pointed at Zim and laughed. Dib stood up and shouted "See? He's an alien. Like Jessica said earlier!" Zita leaned over and whispered to her "Dib's crazy!" Jessica nodded.
"Filthy humans! This girl may be able to coat me in dust, " Zim motioned toward Jessica. "But can she resist the wrath of ZIIIM?!" Jessica smirked. Zita called from the crowd "Do it, Jessica!" The rest of the kids cheered. She stepped up to Zim. "Bring it on." "I will." They stood, growling and sneering at each other. Then Jessica started running, chasing after Zim. The green boy was fast, but Jessica was faster. She eventually caught up to him. She leapt and pinned him down. They were surrounded by buildings, and they only way out was to turn around. Zim looked terrified. Jessica smiled. She liked that, afraid of her but willing to challenge her at the same time. She leaned forward and kissed him. Then she walked back to Skool. Zim just lay there wide-eyed in the dust. He was shocked that a girl, especial one as popular as Jessica, had kissed him.

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