The Cotton Candy clouds were growing even bigger. Meme smiled at this, knowing that his prized Lollipop Flowers need there Chocolate Rain to survive.

He went inside his gingerbread house and locked the door. Grinning, he turned on his TV, and heard the pitter-patter of chocolate rain.

He proceeded to put on his rain-coat, grab his Happy-Blaster 9000, and ran out the door. He then listened to this tune:

Do You Believe In Magic - The Lovin' Spoonful02:07

Do You Believe In Magic - The Lovin' Spoonful

Ponies and fairies spourted everywhere, and presents and happy flowers appeared with them. The Sun's Son was smiling and dancing to the tune.

"Do You Believe In Magic, in a young girl's heart...," Meme started to sing.

Puppies, Ponies, and Moles started high-fiving Meme, and a living Hot-Air Balloon appeared, with Meme jumping in.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand were on the sides of the balloon, clapping to the beat. The Moon and Astronaut Joe were dancing, along with The Candy Aliens and other creatures.

It was a great day.

Then Meme woke up.

"Ok...that was...odd."

"I wonder what Randy is dreaming about..."


The fire was spreading in his house. Someone had bolted the doors shut, along with the windows. It wouldn't matter, anyway. The fire was outside, too.

Randall was crying a little. He was too young to die...he wanted water...he felt hotter than usual due to the fire...

And he closed his eyes.

He opened them, and saw MU was a wreck. Buildings broken, windows cracked open, and the sky was a crimson red color.


Dynamic Rodiker was behind him, with a few differences. First, she was black and white, with a tint of green. Secondly, SHE WAS 30 FEET TALL!!!


Randall screamed and terror. Monster Dynamic was behind him, destroying more buildings.

Eventually, Randall tripped and fell in an open manhole. He looked up, only to see a normal looking Dynamic...except with bloody claws and a gun.


The bullet shot through his head. Suprisingly,  he wasn't dead yet. He did fall on the ground, however.

Suddenly, Dynamic grab a steel bar used for construction, and started hitting Randall over the head with it.

Finally, about 50 little Dynamics came out of the shadows, moaning like zombies. They latched onto Randall's body, and started biting him.


Randall's last words were then spoken.


And then he woke up.

Sweating nervously, he looked up. He wasn't dead.

"I curse you, Dynamic Rodiker. I hope you have a terrible dream, just like I did..."


Coming soon!

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