He has black hair and dark gray eyes. Since he has no official design, I guess he'll just wear a Japanese school uniform for now.


He is extremely pushy and rude, although he can be really polite and go about it in a rude manner. He is hot-headed and usually acts on impulse. He is good at fighting and can dodge just about any attack that's thrown at him, and is the highest ranked in his martial arts class. He can easily talk to other people and he's rarely ever awkward when talking to others, though he is easily embarassed but he just acts rude to try to cover it up. It's also easy to make him blush when he's taking to girls, but he'll just turn away and deny it.


  • He is Hungarian, I guess.
  • I was watching Bleach yesterday and thought, "HOLY CRAP I NEED TO MAKE THIS CHARACTER," so I did.
  • He is 15.
  • His parents and younger sister died in an epic car accident when he was nine.
  • He lives with his older sister.
  • He hates it when other people are upset, and he will instantly warm up to anyone who seems stressed, upset, or depressed. He usually asks them if they wanna talk about it, and if they say no, he just gets angry and tells them to either talk to someone about it or stop whining.

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