Name: Dain 

Age: 12-13

Sex: Male

Race: Human 

Eye color: White/very light blue

Hair: White, a little long and wavey

Most likely to say: "Hi eveyone! I see your in a happy mood today!"

Least likely to say: "..." "Shut up already!!"


Dain has white hair, and it's very wavey, also kinda long. He has very mystourius eyes, because there are white, or close to white, around a very very light blue touch. He wears a white shirt underneath a brown hoodie jumper (the zipper is always down), with dark blue jeans and white shoes. 


He's a very nice boy who keeps his friends in mind no matter what. He tries he's best to help people and keep them safe, but he has a lot of secrets to keep from anyone. One of the secrets is that he's a wizard, but he keeps it a secret, of course. If you want to tell anyone a secrets or need help with anything, go to Dain 


Lin: When Dain first met Lin, she was depressed, lonely and upset, just like a cat that has no owner. So he took Lin into his house, cared for her and makes her feel wonderful, just like nothing bad happened to her at all. Dain tries his best to make Lin smile, and is trying to get her brother back to her again. We just hope things work out for everyone.

Ruby: Dain and Ruby have been best friends for so many years, they first met when they were 5. A lot of things has happened between the other of them, Dain even showed Ruby how to do magic and stuff. 

More coming soon


  • He has 3 best friends, but he's closest one is Ruby.
  • Drain creator made him for a reason, and for a little reason, he's very close to Drace in a way. (Dunno why, so don't ask...)
  • He's been a wizard he's whole life. 
  • He doesn't like it when someone is in pain or in trouble. 
  • More coming soooon~! (*Shot* =.=)

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