Name: Daevid
IMG 1890


Species: Narsitice (Doesn't know it)

Height: 5,9'

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Style: Spiked; Messy

Symbol: Pocketwatch

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Age: 13

Birthday: October 1

Love Interest: Ora

Most Likely to Say: "Fantastic!" or "Brilliant!"

Least Likely to Say: "..."

Physical Appearance



Daevid grew up on Gammefrio, he fell in love with Ora, at a young age. When the triple eclipse began, his parents had only one option. They had to save their only son. They somehow managed to rewrite his entire biosignature, and turned him human, wiping his memory of his world completely. They stored his entire essence, in a silver Pocketwatch, that only the Narsitice could read. He was sent to Earth, and was raised in an orphanage. He lived a normal life since then, but if he were to wind the watch four times in a row, his former essence and memories would return to him, an he would become a Narsitice once again.



He knew Ora ever since he was a little boy, he was in love with her, there was no doubt about it, when the triple eclipse began, he tried to argue with his parents, to tell them not to change him, to let him remain how he was, he didn't want to forget Ora, but he had no choice, they made him forget. Although, Daevid may have never really forgotten, he still retained his affection for Ora, once he found her again, back on Earth...



Daevid is normally very perky, and playful. He loves everyone, and everything, so long as they are kind, and gentle. He can be harsh, when a living creature is abused, or is insulted. He cares about every living creature, and hates to see them die. He is extremely intelligent, all A's and a few B's on his report cards. Overall, he is a very wonderful person to he around.


  • David loves the paranormal
  • He also loves aliens of all kinds
  • He is absoloutoy fascinated with the idea of time travel
  • He carries some type of scanner, that allows him to unlock doors, scan for life, identify aliens species, and many other things.
  • His scanner doesn't work on steel or wood.
  • Daevid Tyler Smith is not his real name, it was given to him when he had his biosignature changed.

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