AT With my BBy

DSM's official Irken form

Name: DSM

Species: Irken

Height: 4'3

Eye color: Purple

Antennae style: long and wavy

Symbol: Dagger

Favorite color: doesn't care

Age: 14 irk years

Human Birthday: unknown

Ranking: Runaway Invader, Homeless

Gender: Female

Love Interest: Tar and The Waiter

Most Likely To Say: "GOLLY GEE."

Least Likely To Say: "I am extremely vexed.."


She raised to be invader, showing promise in her combat and artillery skills. Due to the fact that she found training absoutely tedios, she ran away. Not having monies, however, she became homeless and ended up having to use the skills she was taught in the academy to survive. After a bet with a friend, she hijacked a ship and went to eart. She landed in San Francisco, there finding a young boy named Mel who DSm became rather fond of. DSM spent a few months there before heading back to Irk, asking Mel to come along. He agreed and now lives with her on Irk.


Dsm is eccentric, prone tp violemce and stealing. She's also very forgetful, often forgetting her friends(excluding mel and tar) and the names of songs. She does not mind have to resort to murder to get the things she wants(food, weapons, etc.), often combatting with her hands or a dagger. Seh's quiet stubborn, overly cheerful, and someone often very little irkens like.

RQ For Eddsworldlover1

Human Version and Original Design

Other Facts

  • DSM has a slight mutation in which she can digest almost anything so she can eat anything on hand but she tends not to because things out of the food norm don't taste very good
  • Forks and other silverware taste good though
  • Base 57 by momo base-d5s7jta


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