DAOR is the romantic pairing of the fliratious boy, FJ Dask, and the psychic alien, Ora.


Ora was first very harsh with FJ, she knew how boys like him acted and spoke, so she was uneasy when he first approached her, of course, she didn't show it. He attempted to flirt with her, and she began to speculate and ask questions, confusing him slightly. She felt that something was wrong when he turned away from her, she knew he was hiding something due to her psychic abilities, but what it was, she wasn't sure, she kept asking him what was wrong, until he finally snapped, shouting that he liked her, she isn't exactly sure if she feels the same way, but she does know that FJ was telling the truth. Now that his feelings for her have been discovered, she needs to figure out how she feels about him...

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