"Give it back..." He growled, his Scottish brogue growing more violent by the second.

The girl this infuriated man was addressing did nothing in response, she just continued to weave fabrics from her antique spinning wheel.

"I said, Give. It. Back..." The man hissed once more, his grip on the bejeweled cane in his hand tightening to the point where his knuckles turned white.

She turned away from the wheel, fixating her emerald eyes on him, "I'm afraid you are mistaken, Quinn."

"That's Mr. Gold, to you..."

She rolled her eyes, "Yes, yes, very well, 'Mr. Gold', but as I had said, you are mistaken." The girl twirled a strand of obsidian hair around her finger.

"I would never mistake things such as this, Malli, you know that."

Malli turned and reached into the wicker basket that contained the silk thread she was spinning with. Pushing the string aside, she took hold of the hidden object beneath, "Is this what you seek?"

Quinn's breathing hitched and the cane clattered to the floor, this gave Malli her answer.

In her hand was a mirror, dark blue with golden roses intricately painted on the back, handle, and around the mirror itself. It was a beautiful creation, the only flaw was the large crack on the left side.

"Strange..." Malli mused. "Why does one go through so much trouble for a cracked hand-mirror?"

Quinn reached out towards it, but Malli held it just out of his reaching, taunting him with it.

"Sentimental value, perhaps?"

"What I go through trouble to find, is no concern of yours, Ms. Ragon..." Quinn said with a glare, reaching for the damaged mirror once more.

Malli pulled it away again, "What was her name?"

"Excuse me?"

"The one who broke this mirror, what was her name?" Malli inquired again.

"I don't know what you mean."

"Come off it," Malli snapped, "You are far too careful with these types of things to have broken it, and you seem to care for it so much, there is no way love is not involved."

Quinn averted his eyes.

"I ask again, what was her name?"

"Dove..." He murmured.


"Dove," He repeated, "Annabelle J. Dove."

"Interesting..." Malli mused.

"You know her name, now give me that back!" Quinn demanded.

Malli nodded, "Alright..."

Quinn reached for the hand-mirror.

The emerald-eyed mistress pulled it back, "Ah, ah, ah! I have a deal to make, I know how you love to bargain."

Quinn eyed her suspiciously, "I'm listening, dearie..."

"Tell me more about her, I want to know precisely why this trinket means so much to you, leave out no details, once your tale has been woven, I will give you your mirror..." Malli explained.

Quinn hesitated, he had never told anyone of what had happened between him and Belle...his beautiful Belle...

Malli's sharp voice cut through his thoughts, "Do we have a deal?"

Slowly, Quinn nodded, "Yes, we do."

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