human (Hungarian-American)

Zodiac sign:


Eye color:


Hair color:

light brown

Love interest:

pretty much anyone he can get...he's far from giving a second crap anymore

Most likely to say:

"Ruthless, depressing, and unfair...three words to perfectly describe life."

Least likely to say:

"Life is just wonderful, isn't it?"


Colton is physically very weak. He's scrawny and small, which aids in his speed and agility when he's swimming. His body shape, however, is rather unfortunate outside of the pool for him because he is constantly being made a target for bullying.

He usually wears whatever kind of t-shirt he wants to, jeans, black Converse shoes, and a dark purple jacket. He also wears glasses because he's afraid to use contact lenses, even though the fact that he wears glasses is just something the bullies use to hurt him.


Colton was taught to be polite to everyone since he was a young child, though he does have a tendency to slip up and be kind of a tool. The way he acts, however, is due to how he's treated. He's a seemingly-spoiled rich kid who was supposedly given everything he ever asked for his whole life, thinks he's better than everyone else, and got good grades and spent his time swimming to remain the best to prove that he's better than everyone. In reality, though, while he is the child of a rich family and a bit spoiled, he only got what he wanted if when the weekend had come around, he had spent at least twenty hours total that week in the pool training. He also doesn't think he's better than anyone - quite the opposite, actually - and the reason he works so hard to get perfect grades and to keep his title as the best swimmer at his school is because of his father.

He has severe depression, something which he tries to keep a secret, and due to this his arms are riddled with scars. The depression was first triggered by the way he was treated as a young child, and only became worse when he became a target for bullies and a subject for rumors. Part of his depression currently could be due to the fact that his love life is quite possibly one of the most pathetic things that will ever exist.

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