Species:Black Pearl Dragon



Eye color:Crimson red

Fire color:Black

Type class:Mystery

Height:Big enough to ride,can shrink himself; same as Elliot

Love intrest:Elliot


Dragon:(During the night) Coal has black scales,Crimson Red eyes that seem to burn like tiny flames,strong wings and a whip like tail.He has retractable teeth and very expresional eyes.

Human:When Coal is human(During the day) Coal is the same height as Elliot,he wears a grey cap,an off white long sleeved shirt with two small slits in the back for his wings and faded jeans.He has pale-ish colored skin and jet black hair that covers his right eye.He still has dragon features such as his ears,wings,Crimson red eyes and tail.


He can breath extremly hot black fire that can burn under water,Coal can fly at insanly high speeds,he is very stealthy.He can speak more fluently (But only around those he cares for or trusts).Razor sharp claws.


Coal is a kind natured Dragon/person,he is protective of all other dragons(hatchlings mainly,and will jump to their defence.) and people he cares about.He seems to like Elliot and Mystic(More a special friend).He likes to pester some people by licking their face.


Elliot:He really loves Elliot and would do anything for her.He loves makin her smile and laugh.He trys his hardest to make her happy.

En:He seems to like being around En,and helps her around.When she's sad or upset,he's always there to make her feel better.Coal feels some sort of conection with En,but he just can't place it yet.

Mercel:Mercel is his owner and friend.Coal loves to hang out with Mercel,they get along great and share a strong bond.

Mas:He doesn't now Mas that well yet,he's curious about who she is.

Mystic:Coal seems to like Mystic as a special friend,he jumped to her defence when Ecard smacked her on the head.

Ember:Coal also seems to like Ember,but not much.They are ok friends.

Ecard:Coal isn't too fond of Ecard because he smacked Mystic on the head.He blows puffs of fire at him when ever he sees him and chases him often.

Coal with Zar's hat

Coal with Zar's hat

Tiny face coal

Coal: ._.

Coal's eye

Coal's eye

Coal slippymagnus by slippymagnus-d5q1y98
2013-02-22 22-47-12.926



Coal sitting on Zar's head

Zar:Cut it out.... Coal:*Blink blink*

More to come soon

Untitled drawing by thedarkunderwoods-d5oyb0d

Human Coal by DSM

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