"What are we doing now you lizard? Why did you call us all here?" Dib asked, standing in Zim's base.

Eight people in total had been summoned to Zim's household. These eight were, Zay, Tanri, DJ Flask, En, Vix, Dib, Meg, and Zar. All of them extremely confused, but very curious.

Zim paced in front of them, he had something special planned. "I had called you all here for one purpose, and one alone, we will be playing a game."

Tanri spoke out, "A game? That's stupid, you called us all-?"

"YOU SHALL BE SIELENCED!" Zim screeched, he did not enjoy being interrupted.

Tanri stepped back, as Vix wrapped his arms around her and glared at Zim.

"As I was saying, we will be playing a game, Clue."

They all knew this game, and they all enjoyed it, everyone except Tanri and Vix that is.

"In order to play, you will all need a change of wardrobe."

Wardrobe? Why would they need to change that? They all had that tought in their mind, as Zim's PAK arms came out, covered in hangers, which held different costumes.

"One for you, one for you, and another one for you," He said, handing each of them an outfit.

One by one, they all walked away, and came back in a different attire.

Zay was the first to emerge, she wore a very tight-fitting, revealing red dress that seemed to emphisise every curve of her body. She held a red purse, and scarlet heels were on her feet.

Next came Tanri, she had a long blue dress that came down to the floor, she had several peacock feathers in her hair, and a deep blue purse hung over her shoulder.

Then DJ came forth, he had a deep green suit, and a black shirt. He had a green tie, brown shoes, and a pair of dark-rimmed glasses.

Then there was En, she had a short black dress with a white pearl necklace and long, black gloves, and dark heels. Her skin seemed paler than normal.

Vix came next, he had a yellow jacket, and mustard colored pants. His shirt was white, and his shoes were brown.

Then Dib walked out, he had a dark purple suit, with plum-colored pants, a watch chain dangled out of his breast pocket. He had a book tucked under one arm, and an ivory pipe in his hand.

Then came Zar, he had a black suit wih a white shirt, and dark pants, he had some kind of crest on his shirt, it looked like a large letter "B".

Meg was reluctant, she didn't like this outfit, but she came out in an old-fashioned maid's uniform. It was black and while, very short, and very revealing. She had a feather duster in her hand, and black shoes on her feet.

The there was Zim, standing in a butler's uniform, complete with a silver tray in his hand, and a white towel draped over his arm. He too, wore the same crest that Zar had on his shirt.

DJ looked at Meg and covered his nose, afraid of a nosebleed.

En laughed and said, "Stop drooling."

DJ blushed even harder and looked away from his Parisian lover.

Zim looked at each of them in turn and gave them names, that sounded like something you'd find in a child's paint set.

"You, are Ms. Zaydia Scarlet. You, are Mrs. Tanri Peacock. You, are Mr. Flask Green. YOu, are Mrs. Endulyne White. You are Colonel Vixamon Mustard. You, are Proffesor Dib Plum. You are The Maid, Yvette. And you are the host, Mr. Zardeaum Boddy. I am the Butler, Zim Waddsworth."

Meg spoke out, "Must I wear this? It's not really what I prefer."

"Yes, it is your character's clothes, therefore, your clothes."

"Why are you going through all this trouble for a board game?" Dib questioned, trying to keep his eyes on Zim, and not on Zay where he, like DJ, might suffer a nosebleed.

Zim narrowed his eyes and smirked, "Who said anything about a board game?"

Dib eyes widened as the house they all knew dissapeared, and in it's place, was the inside furnishings, of a large mansion.

Chapter One

Dib looked around, speechless.

When he managed to speak all he could say, was, "W-Where are we?"

Zim just smirked and said "We are in my base, Worm."

Zay looked around, "Is this a hologram?"

Zim nodded, "Everything you are about to see and do will be very realistic," he paced before them, handing them all cards with their fake names, personalities, their relationships with the others, weapon, who they killed, (if they killed anyone), and how they die, (if they die). "But remember, it is all fake, smoke and mirrors, as you humans refer to it."

DJ looked at Meg, took a hankercheif out of his pocket, and dabbed at his nose. "How do we begin this?"

Zim snickered and said, "Let's begin in the Study, shall we?"

En nodded, "Yes, let's..." She followed Zim and the others down the hall and into the book-filled Study.

Zay sat down on the couch and crossed her legs. Remembering her card, she opened her purse, and said, "Mind if I smoke?"

The other guests shook their heads.

Meg walked in, offering each guest a glass.

Zar said, "No thank you, Yvette."

Vix piped up, "How do you know her name? She never introduced herself to us yet."

Zar smirked at Meg and said, "We know each other, don't we darling?" He begen to lift the rim of her skirt.

DJ immedietely slapped his hand away from her.

Meg smiled, "Merci, Monsieuer Vert."

DJ nodded.

Zay took out a small cigarette and before she could light it, Dib sat down beside her and lit it with a match.

"There you go, sweetheart..." Dib said, draping his arm over her bare shoulders.

Zay smirked and listened as Zim began to speak.

"Now, I assume you're all wondering why I've called you all here tonight."

The humans and Irkens nodded, as they watched Zim.

"Well you all have one thing in common, you're all being blackmailed."

Tanri spoke up, "No one could blackmail me, my life is an open book, I've nothing to hide."

Zim shrugged, "Does anyone else wish to idiotically deny it?"

No one said a singe word.


Meg looked up, "Oui, Monsieuer?"

"Would you go wait in the Billiard room?"

She nodded and walked out of the room.

DJ glared at Zar as he smirked at Meg when she left the room.

Zim spoke once more, "Now I shall start with you...Professor Plum," He looked at Dib, who tore his eyes away from Zay.

"What did he do?" Zay asked, standing and walking over to Zim, he hips swaying slghtly as she moved.

"You know what Doctors aren't allowed to do with their lady patients?"

Dib looked away from the two, trying to hide his nervous expression.

Zay leaned on the desk and said, "Yeah..."

"Well, he did."

Zay smirked and looked at Dib, "Really? You're quite the ladies man then, aren't you professor?"

Dib nervously fiddled with his watch chain, "You could say that..."

"Indeed, and you, Mrs. White," Zim continued, pointing to En.

She looked at Zim, interest glittering in her eyes.

"Your husband was murdered, beheaded, wasn't he?"

"Yes, I never liked him very much, he threatened to kill me frequently, and he was insane."

"Your fifth husband you've ever had, am I correct?"


"And is it odd that your husband was murdered and not you?"

"Well I didn't do it, if that is what you're implying."

Zim looked at her suspitiously but moved on, "Now we have you, Colonel."

Vix scowled, "I have done nothing."

"Have you noticed that everyone says that?"

Vix rolled his eyes.

"Well since you all seem to deny you blackmail, I shall continue no further."

The other guests sighed with relief, all except Zar.

Zay asked, "So what does Mr. Boddy here have anything to do with this?"

Zim looked at them, as if they couldn't get any more moronic. "Haven't you guessed? He's the one who's been blackmailing you all."

Chapter Two

All the guests stood, shock etched upon every one of their faces.

Zar looked frightened, as he stood up and began to head for the door that lead out of the study and away from the enraged guests.

Zim grabbed him, and spoke once more, "The police will be here momentarily to arrest Mr. Boddy, and we have all the proof we need in this envelope," he said, holding a thick, yellow envelope.

Then the doorbell rang, Dib walked out of the study, and opened it, there stood Vym, she was dressed in pink.

"Pardon me, is this the Boddy residence? I was summoned her under the name of Ms. Pearl."

Dib nodded, "You have come to the right place, ma'am," He opened the door further so she could enter.

She looked around and walked into the study, presumably under the instructions that Zim had given her.

En and Vym flinched when they saw one another, Zim noticed this, but said nothing.

Vym and Vix blushed when they saw the other as well, again, Zim saw, but said not a word.

Zay managed to snatch the envelope from Zim and took a peek at one of the pictures within.

"Oh, Colonel, I didn't know you could do this..." She said, holding the picture.

Vix saw it and shouted something in Irken, before trying to grab them.

"Would you like to see this, Pearl, they're very pretty," Zay said, smiling.

"No thank you ma'am, I am a lady."

"How do you know what kind of pictures they are if you're such a lady?"

Dib took them from Zay, "Let me see."

En looked over Dib's shoulder, "No one can do that..."

Dib glanced at her, "Of course they can, let me show you," Dib dropped the picture and turned to En.

She glared at him, "Don't touch me," She said.

Zar pulled out of Zim's grasp, and said, "Let me get my bag, I've got something for all of you."

He walked out, and came back in with a black briefcase, when he opened it, it was filled with black boxed, sealed with purple ribbon. He handed a box to each of the guests. "Go on and open them," he said, sitting down.

Zay was the first to pry hers open, inside was a candlestick. She looked at it curiously.

Next was En, she found a long coil of rope with a loop at the end, it resembled a noose. A touch of malice flickered in her eyes.

Then we had Vix, a large wrench fell out of the box and into his hand, he bit his bottom lip and swept his eyes across the room.

Then DJ opened his, a piece of lead piping fell into his hands, he wore a worried expression.

Next, Tanri pulled the ribbon off hers, and she pulled a dagger from the box.

Finally, Vym opened her box, it contained a large bottle of poison...

Zar looked at each of them, "In each of your hands, you hold a leathal weapon, if you expose me, and turn me in, you also expose yourselves, and end up humiliated, I'll see to that myself. But if one of you kills Waddsworth now, your secrects will remain safe."

Zim's eyes widened as Zar spoke to the others.

"He has the key to the front door, which he said would only be opened over his dead body..." He placed his hands on En's shoulders, and she blushed slightly.

"I say we take him up on that offer, and no one will know but us..." He walked over to the lightswitch, and turned out the lights.

A thud could be heard, a small shriek came from Tanri's dierection, and a gunshot fired, the short flash of light breifly revealed Zay kissing a wide-eyed Dib in the darkness.

The lights came back on, Zay stopped kissing her love, and Tanri screamed.

Zar, lay dead on the floor.

Chapter Three

"ZAR!" En shouted, kneeling next to him, tears welling in her eyes.

Zar opened one eye and shushed her, and pretended to lay dead, once again.

En then remembered it was all part of the game, she stood and regained her composure.

Dib stepped foward, "Back off, step back, give him air!" He rest his head on Zar's chest, presumably to listen for a heartbeat. Then he grabbed his wrist for a pulse. "He's dead!"

Tanri piped up, "I heard a gunshot, who had the Revolver?"

Dib looked up, "I did..."

En yelled, "Then you killed him!"

"I didn't!"

En scremed again, "Then why did the gun go off?!"

Dib looked nervous, and lost in his thoughts, but then he remembered.

He pointed to Zay, "Scarlet kissed me in the dark, it surprised me so much I must've accidentally pulled the trigger!"

Zim turned to Zay, "Is this true?"

She placed her hands on her waist and moved into a position that seemed to emphisise her curves more than the dress already did.

Dib feverishly reached into his sleeve and dabbed at his nose with a hankerchief.

"Yeah, it's true, I kissed the professor, but that's only because I couldn't help myself, he's too cute," she walked over to Dib and ran her hand down his arm, "And one great kisser."

Zim flipped the body over and said, "He wasn't shot you morons! Look! No bullet wounds!"

Everyone looked at the body on the floor, Zim was right, there was no wound in sight.

Vix looked up and said, "Look! That bullet broke the vase in the mantle!"

He was correct, the shattered remains of a vase were on the floor, and a bullet hole could be seen on the wall.

Tanri placed her hand over her forhead and muttered, "I need a drink..." She picked up a glass and swallowed some of the contents.

Dib saw the poison bottle next to it, and shouted, "Maybe he was poisoned!"

Tanri screamed and dropped the glass onto the carpet.

DJ ran over to her and said, "Ms. Peacock, calm down," he ushered her over to the couch and sat her down, still trying to quiet her, until he got so fed up with her, he just slapped her across the face.

Everyone stared at him, as if they couldn't beleive what he had just done.

DJ looked around and pushed his glasses up, "I-I had to stop her from screaming..."

Vix ran at DJ angrily, "I'll stop you from screaming!"

He was only restrained by Vym, who was grabbing the back of his jacket.

Dib picked up the now empty glass, as Zay asked, "Was the drink poisoned?"

Dib shook his head, "We'll never know now! Unless..." He looked at Tanri, but then a scream came from a nearby room, every rushed out, forgetting all about the poisoned drink.

"Where is it coming from?" Vym asked, looking around hastily.

En pointed to a door, "The billiard room! The killer must be in there!"

DJ looked at En curiously, "Why would he scream?"

Zim was lost in thought, "He must have a victim in there..."

"Oh my god, Yvette!" En shouted.

DJ yelled, "Oh my god!" he shoved past everyone and kicked at the door.

Vix could sense his worry, and handed him the wrench, he had kept it with him just in case of emergency, he figured this was emergency enough.

DJ quickly grabbed it and kept hitting the handle with the wrench until it broke off.

Quickly he pushed open the door, and ran into the billiard room.

Chapter Four

Meg stood in the billiard room, shaking like a leaf. She looked terrified.

DJ saw her and ran to her, "Yvette, are you alright?"

Meg grabbed DJ and hugged him tight, "Monsieuer Vert! It took a drink just like Ms. Peacock, I was afraid of it being poisoned as well..."

Vix spoke up, "How did you know we thought the drink was poisoned?"

She looked up, "I was listening, your whole convorsation was being tape recorded, for evidence..." She stared to cry again, "You killed Monsieuer Boddy!"

DJ tilted her chin up with one finger and looked into her tearful blue eyes, "Who killed him? Where are they?"

She sniffed slighty and said, "Here, in this room, we are all looking at him, or her...One of you is the killer..." She buried her face in DJ's jacket, "I cannot be in here by myself, not while knowing there is a murderer about..."

DJ hugged her, "I promise, I won't let anything happen to you, Yvette."

Vix picked up his wrench for the floor and said, "You can come with us, back to the Study."

She looked at Vix, still hugging DJ tightly, "With the murderer?"

Vix held the wrench up and said, "There's safety in numbers..."

DJ stopped hugging Meg and offered her his hand, "Come with us, there is no reason to be afraid right now."

Meg sniffed once more, and nodded, taking DJ's hand, "I trust only you, Monsieuer..."

DJ wiped the tears from her eyes with his hankerchief and walked her back into the study with the others.

Vix was yelling at Zim about who else was in the house, cutting him off every time he was about to answer.

En slapped Vix and said, "Let him answer and stop yelling this INSTANT!"

Vx rubbed his cheek and turned to Zim, "Is there anyone else here?"

Zim thought, "It was Me, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Ms. Scarlet, Ms. Pearl, Yvette, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Professor Plum, and the Cook."

Tanri yelled, "The Cook! Where is the Cook?!"

Zim's eyes widened as he dashed out the door and ran down the hall into the kitchen.

DJ entered next, followed by Zay, Yvette, and the rest of them.

DJ looked around and walked over to a slightly ajar freezer door. He didn't notice it was open.

"Well, she's not here..."

The door opened entirely and Tanri shrieked at the top of her lungs.

The dead body of the Cook fell out of the freezer, (the Cook being Tayree), and into DJ's arms.

DJ wore a shocked expression as he yelled, "I didn't do it!"

Chapter Five

"Can somebody help me set her down? Please?" DJ was falling fast, for someone so thin, she weighed quite a lot.

"Oui, Monsieuer!" Meg quickly went over to him and aided him in carefully laying Tayree down, face-first on the floor.

The dagger, had been plunged into her back. At least, that's what it looked like.

DJ looked down and said, "Why would anyone kill the Cook?"

Zay just sighed and said, "Dinner wasn't that bad..."

Vix growled and turned to her, "How can you make sarcastic jokes at a time like this?!"

She put her hands on her hips and said, "It's my defense mechanism."

"Ha! Some defense! If I was the killer, I would kill you, next!"

Everyone just stared at Vix, who started to sweat.

"What? I said if..."

Dib stepped in front of Zay and yelled, "Over my dead body!"

Zay smiled and stepped in front of Dib, "Oh, Professor, I couldn't let you get injured for me..." she said, lightly running her hand down his cheek. "I couldn't bear to see you get hurt."

Dib looked into her vibrant blue eyes, he seemed to melt on her touch alone.

Zim rolled his eyes and said, "Come on! We can have a good flirt LATER! For now, we need to get this body back to the study."

En turned to Zim and said, "Is that a promise, Waddsworth?"

Zim's face turned a dark shade of green.

Vix looked away from Dib and Zay and turned to Zim as well, "Why do we need to bring it back there?" He asked.

Zim regained his composure, and said, "Two reasons, one: I don't want dead bodies scattered all over the house, and two: I'm the butler, I like to keep the kichen tidy."

Meg looked around and said, "Who had the dagger?"

En turned to Tanri and said, "It was you, Mrs. Peacock!"

Tanri was horrified, "Well, yes I did, but I put it down!"

Zim glared at her, "When?"

Tanri began to stutter, "I-I don't know...Before I had the drink after I-...I don't know!...But any of you could've picked it up..."

Vix wanted to stop the accusations being pinned on his loved one so he said, "Let's get this body back to the study!"

Vix, DJ, Dib, and Zim all grabbed either an arm or a leg of Tayree's and lifted her off the ground with great difficuty.

They somehow managed to get her back into the study, but when they did, they just dropped her out of shock.

"I say..." DJ said, lowering the edge of his glasses so he could look over the top.

Dib's eyes were wide with surprise.

"How on Irk-?!" Zim asked.

"What?" Zay asked entering the room.

En followed behind her, but said nothing, she just stared, wide-eyed.

Tanri came in and said, "What are you morons looking at?"

Vix managed to say, "Nothing..."

Meg came in last and said, "What do you mean, nothing?"

DJ turned to Meg and said, "We mean, nothing, love..."

Dib nodded, "Mr. Boddy's body..."

Zim managed to say the final words, "'Is gone..."

Chapter Six

" He was dead!" En said, finally managing to speak.

"Unless..." DJ began.

"He wasn't really dead to begin with..." Meg finished.

"But he was dead! I know! I checked!" Dib said, pacing the floor.

"Then where did the body go?!" Vix demanded.

"I don't know!" Dib yelled.

"Excuse me, but does this big, old house, have a little girl's room?" Tanri asked Meg.

Meg nodded, "Oui, Oui, Madame," she said, pointing down the hall.

"Oh, no, I just need to powder my nose..." She said, walking out of the study.

"You have the loveliest accent, Yvette..." DJ said, dreamily.

Meg blushed deeply, "Merci, Mosieuer Vert..." she said.

Zim rolled his eyes.

En walked her fingers up Zim's arm, "Is it later yet, Waddsworth?"

Zim turned a deep shade of green, "Not exactly...Mrs. White."

Zay ran her hands down the front of Dib's plum-colored jacket, "That's too bad..."

Dib smirked and ran his hand through her hair, "Yes...Too bad, indeed..."

Vym spoke up, "Um...Excuse me? Dead body, missing!"

Dib blinked and said, "Oh, of course..."

Zay placed her hands on her waist, "So, all we need to do is-"

Zay was immediately cut off by an ear-pierceing shriek coming from the hall.

Everyone ran to the hall and found Tanri, she was shaking terribly, Zar's body lay beside her.

Vix ran to her and said, "What happened?"

She managed to say, "I-I...I opened the door, a-and his body fell out, and l-landed on, m-me..."

Dib looked at Tanri, and said, "She going to faint! Somebody catch her!"

Vix, who was nearest, caught her as she fell.

Zim knelt beside Zar's body, it was now soaked with blood, "He has new injuries," he picked up his arm and dropped it, it landed with a 'thud', "Well, he's certainly dead now...Why would anyone want to kill him twice?"

Zay shook her head, "Seems so unnecessary..."

Vix, who was still holding Tanri, said, "That's what we call overkill..."

Dib looked to him and said, "That's what we call psychotic!"

Zim looked up at DJ, his hands were stained, "You've got blood on your hands..."

DJ shook, "I didn't do it!" He said, taking out a handkerchief to wipe them.

Zay snickered and said, "It's probably because he's had a nosebleed since he saw Yvette for the first time."

Vix glared at her, "This is no time for jokes, Scarlet!"

Dib shouted, "It's not polite to yell at a lady!"

"Shut up!" Zim screeched, now standing in a doorway. "We're trying to find out who killed him, where, and with what!"

Vym looked at him, and politely said, "There's no need to shout."

Zim yelled once more, "I'm not shouting!"

Everyone looked at him with disbelief.

"Alright, I am! I'm shouting! I'm shouting! I'm shout-"

The noise he was making caused the precariously perched candlestick that Zay had received earlier, to fall, and hit him on the head.

Zim stood for a moment, before falling to his knees, and then everything, for him, went black.

Chapter Seven

The group of guests stood in the study.

Zim was rubbing his injured head, while Vix yelled at Zay.

"You had the candlestick!"

"Yeah, but I put it down, any one of you could've picked it up, you, her, him," Zay said pointing to Vix, En, and then DJ.

"Monsier Vert did not do anything!"

En crossed her arms, "How can you be so sure? After all, Mr. Boddy appears to have been bashed in the head with something, and Mr. Green, here, recieved the lead pipe."

Vix stopped yelling at Zay and turned to En, "I think you did it!"


"Yes, you, how many husbands have you had?" Vix demanded.

"Five," En said, curtly.

"And all of them dead, am I correct?!" Vix shouted.

"Yes, husbands should be like Kleenex, soft, strong, and disposable."

"You lure men to their deaths like a spider with flies!" Vix screeched.

En shrugged, and turned away from Vix.

Zim walked through the room, gathering all the weapons, "We still have the weapons, the candlestick, the rope, the wrench, the lead pipe, the poison, the dagger, and the revolver." He shoved them all into a cabinet, "I suggest we lock them in here where no one can reach them, there is a homicidal maniac about!" He shut the cabinet, locked it, and put the key in his pocket.

"Where are you putting that?!" Tanri demanded.

"In my pocket," Zim replied.

"But what if you're the murderer!" Tanri yelled.

"I am most certainly not! And besides, if I have the key, I know I'm safe."

"We don't know if we are," Dib said.

"Fine then," Zim said taking the key out of his pocket, "I'll throw it away where no one can get it!"

"Manefique idee, Monsieur Waddsworth."

Zim ran to the door, everyone else following close behind, pulled his arm back, opened it, and was completely prepared to throw the key into the rain, but Rai stood on the front porch.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to disturb the whole house, but my car broke down a few blocks down, can I use your phone?"

Chapter Eight

"Oh, that's quite alright sir, if you'll excuse us for a moment..." Zim said, turning to the massive group of guests, and Yvette.

The began to whisper amongst themselves, whether or not to let the man inside the house.

Finally, Zim turned back to Rai and said, "Of course you may, sir, come, I'll show you to the one in the lounge."

Rai nodded and stepped into the main hallway.

Zim led him into the lounge, "Once you've finished your call, you'd do best to just, stay here."

Rai looked at him oddly, but nodded, all the same.

Zim smiled and stepped out the door, shutting it behind him.

Rai watched the handle, and he could see it twist slightly, he had been locked in.

Outside the lounge door, Vix tapped Zim on the shoulder.

"AGH!" Zim jumped, and turned around. "Oh, what is it?"

"Where is the key?" Vix asked.

"In my pocket..." Zim replied.

"Not that key, the one to the cabinet," Vym said.

"What? You still wish me to throw it away?"

"YES!" Everyone screamed.

"Alright!" Zim yelled back, running to the front door, opening it, and tossing a metal key into the rain.

En ran to Zim and said, 'Waddsworth, let me out!"

Zim shook his head, "No, we're all in this together, now, until we find out who done it."

"Oh, Waddsworth..." En grabbed his tied and pulled him close with it flirtatiously, "I'll make you sorry you ever started this, one day, when we're alone together..."

"Mrs. White, no man in his right mind would be alone together with you."

The group all gathered in the study, where Vix began interrogating Zim.

"Is there anyone else in this house?" Vix asked.

"No." Zim said.

"No there is?" Vix asked.

"Oh, no, I'm sorry, I meant no meaning yes."

"No meaning yes?!"


En smashed a glass against the mantle of the fireplace, "PLEASE! Don't you think we should get that man out of the house before he finds out what's been going on here?!" She tossed the remainder of the glass into the fire, you could hear it shatter.

"Yes, but we need to settle this, so I say, we split up into pairs, and search the house."

Vym looked around, "Then who will I go with?"

Vix waved a dismissinve hand, "I'll get to you later."

Tanri began to panic, "What if one of us is paired with the murderer?!"

"Well, then we'll have found out who the murderer is," Dib said.

"But the other half of the pair would be DEAD!" Tanri screamed.

"This is war, Peacock! You can't make an omlette before cracking open a few eggs, every cook will tell you that!" Vix said.

"BUT LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO THE COOK!" Tanri screamed, waving her purse everywhere.

Zay rolled her eyes, "Whatever, I, claim the professor," She said, moving close to him.

Dib smirked and ran his hand down the side of her waist, "I like that idea..."

"But, the upstairs is dark, and I am frightened of the dark, won't anyone go with me?" Meg asked.

DJ quickly ran over to her, "I'll do it!"

Meg smiled.

Tanri walked over to Vix, "I trust you won't kill me?"

Vix nodded.

"I'll go make sure the motorist doesn't get out," Vym said, exiting the study.

Zim looked around and saw that only En had no partner.

En smirked, and repeated her words from earlier, "One day, when we're alone together..."

Chapter Nine

Meg stood at the bottom of the stairs, shaking slightly, "Monsieuer, are you sure it is a good idea to go up there?"

DJ looked at her, "No, not really, but I'm not going to let anyone hurt you, love, you can be sure of that..."

Meg nodded, still shaking, and moved close to DJ, she felt safer when she was near him.

DJ smiled and wrapped his arm around her, "I've got you..."

Meg smiled, and walked up the stairs with DJ, into the darkness of the attic.

Elsewhere, Zim and En stood, looking around.

"Where do you propose we search first?" Zim asked, looking around.

En shrugged, "I'm not sure..."

Zim smirked, "We could check the master bedroom..."

En blushed, but elbowed him all the same, "We don't have time for that right now!"

Zim nodded, "Of course, anyway, I suggest we split up, and check two different rooms."


En opened a door and looked inside, Zim did likewise with another door.

"I-I don't see a lightswitch in there..." Zim said.

"Well neither do I, but there's got to be one somewhere," En replied.

"Well, should I come in with you?" Zim asked, looking over at her.

"NO!" She yelled.

Zim looked taken aback.

"Um...I mean, no thank you." She said quietly.

At the basement stairs, Zay looked around with Dib.

"Where do we go now, professor?"

Dib looked down, "The only place we can go..."

Zay gulped and shivered, looking down into the blackness.

Dib took her hand, "I'm not going to let anything hurt you..."

Zay smiled, and slowly, stepped down into the dark.

Finally, Tanri gripped Vix tightly, on the ground floor, afraid of moving.

Vix sighed and pulled her along with him.

"Let me go!"

"No, you're coming with me, we've got a house to search..."

Chapter Ten

Zay stood at the top of the stairs, looking down, Dib stood beside her.

They were both very afraid, who knew what could be down there? Certainly not one of them, as far as they knew, anyway.

"Well, go on, I'll be right behind you..." Zay said, placing her hands on her waist.

Dib bit his lower lip, and tried to avoid blushing, Zay looked very...seductive, in a tight, red, dress, what didn't help him avoid blushing, was the fact that the lighting seemed to hit her just so...

Dib took a deep breath and tried to regain composure.

"That's, what I'm afraid of..." Dib said,turning and looking at her.

She smirked, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You are kind of..." he looked her up and down, "Dangerous, Scarlet..."

"Dangerous...?" She placed her hands on his shoulders, "What gave you that idea?"

Dib wasn't sure whether to move, or to just stand and continue, then he remebered his very...flirtatious character.

"Well..." Dib moved his hands around her waist. "You seem, so to speak..."

"What do you mean, trap," She asked, slowly running her hands down the sides of his arms.

Dib shivered, he knew she was only acting in character, but if that was the case, why did her touch feel so warm, so gentle, so...real?

"You trap their hearts, so they never can escape you, they would never stand a chance even if they tried..."

Her eyes glinted, not with mischeif, but rather, with passion, with desire, with love, and it wasn't just for her character either.

"How would you know all of this, professor?" She asked, moving close, extremely close...

Dib didn't mind, he liked being close to Zay, but this time a good way, of course, it just felt like there was more love here, than anywhere else.

Dib found this odd, since this was all just an extremely good hologram, and in reality they were standing in a certain floor of Zim's base, but for now, he didn't care.

Dib inhaled, the next words he was about to say, weren't just for his character, they were real, very real...

"Because, Scarlet, I've tried...You've trapped me...and I could never escape..."

Chapter Eleven

Meg clung to DJ as they climbed the stairs, she didn't enjoy the dark, you never knew what...or who...could be lurking in there.

DJ ran his hand through her hair, and down her back, "It's okay, love, you're going to be fine..."

"I'm not sure...I don't like the dark..."

"Well, don't you trust me?" DJ asked.

Meg's eyes widened, "Yes! Of course I trust you! How could I not? You're incredible...I'm just scared, nervous, and unsure...I mean, how can we know what...or who...could possibly be up there, honestly, there could be-...!"

At that moment, Meg could no longer speak, not because she had nothing more to say, but, because DJ had just kissed her.

Meg sighed, and smiled, "That was a very nice way of telling me to be quiet..."

DJ smiled at her, "Well, I couldn't think of any other way to say it...politely, anyway...And...I've always wanted to do that..." He blushed, and turned away from Meg.

Meg's eyes shined with happiness, she turned DJ so she could face him, "The feeling is mutual..." She told him, smiling.

DJ looked enlightened, "Really?"

"I couldn't lie to you, mon amour..." She said, hugging him.

DJ blushed, and hugged her back, "I...I...I love you, Meg."

"Je t'aime aussi..."

DJ let go of her, as Meg did the same, "So...are you ready to go upstairs, love?" He asked, taking her hand.

Meg smiled, and nodded, "I am prepared, my love..."

DJ smiled back, "That's great...Let's go..."

Meg nodded, and, hand-in-hand, they walked up the stairs, into the darkness, of the attic...

Chapter Twelve

En looked around the darkness of the room she was in, she was all alone, with no one to help her.

"I can't believe there's no light switch in here..." She mumbled.

Then she heard a little sound of movement, it was most likely just the wind, fluttering the curtains, but it startled her, nonetheless.

"C-Can you hear me? Are you in here? B-Because I'm coming..." En said, to whoever may have been hiding in the darkness of the room.

She could hear Zim's voice coming from the room next door, "If anyone is in here...j-just look out!"

She laughed slightly, he was trying his best to sound menacing, but you could easily hear the shaking in his voice.

Then she ran into something, it must've been a jack-in-the-box, because she could see the dim outline of a clown's head.

It surprised her. Badly. So she did the first thing that came to mind, she screamed.

She could hear the sound of Zim's worried voice, "White! Mrs. White I'm coming for you!...I just need to find the door!"

She could hear the click of a door opening, and Zim's voice once more, "What's this? Another door?"

She heard the sound of water coming from a showerhead, and sizzling Irken flesh.

The door flew open, light flooding in from the hallway, Zim's screams followed.

"Zim! Er...Waddsworth! Are you alright?" En asked, worry, dripping from her voice.

Zim shook his head, "That's not important right now! Are you-AGH!" Zim had been reaching around blindly, and ran right into En, and fell onto the bed.

En blushed terribly, "Well, I guess this is the master bedroom..."

Zim smirked, "It would appear so..." he said, moving his arms underneath her.

En's eyes widened, "Get off me!" As much as she enjoyed Zim, she didn't want him to get any ideas.

"Alright, alright.." Zim stood, and helped En stand as well. "But...we are alone..."

En smiled slightly, and shut the door, "Okay, Waddsworth, but don't try anything funny or I will hurt you."

"I know, White...I know..."

Chapter Thirteen

"Come on, Peacock! We've got a house to search!" Vix said, tugging at Tanri's sleeve.

"No. WAY. There's a major freak/psycho in the house, and you want ME to search for him? You're crazy if you think that's gonna happen!" Tanri yelled.

Vix thought up an idea, he wasn't sure if Tanri was the kind of girl who would fall for this kind of stuff, but he'd try it anyway.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Tanri asked, as a very flirtatious smirk appeared on Vix's face.

"Mrs. Peacock, if you search the house with me..." He stepped behind her and ran his hands down her sides, "I'll make it worth your while..."

Tanri blushed, "How so, Colonel?"

He kissed her neck, it was a quick kiss, but it was passionate all the same, "You'll see..." he said, running his fingers through her hair, while his other hand was wrapped around her waist, holding her close.

"Vix...Er...Mustard, Whatever trick you're using on me isn't going to work...No matter how hot you are..."

He kissed her neck once again, slowly moving up from there, to her cheek, and so forth.

Tanri sighed happily, "Oh, Colonel...

He kissed a final spot on her, and grasped her hand, "There will be more of that, if you help me search, Peacock..."

Tanri nodded vigorously, "Yes, yes, no time to waste! Come on!"

Vix smirked, he knew he could sway her, somehow...

Chapter Fourteen

The lights went out, through the entire house...

Screams were heard throughout the house, mostly coming from Tanri...A few from Meg, then the soothing voice of DJ, trying to calm her, and Vix's harsh, "Shut up! We're trying to search the house!"

Vym made no sound, and just continued to lean against the door, where Rai resided, she could hear him pick up a telephone and dial a number.

"Um...Yeah...I'm a little nervous..." Rai said after dialing, his voice shook slightly.

Vym grew curious, she listened to him intently...

"Yes, I'm in a big, old house, and I've been locked into the lounge..."

Vym knew he must've heard the lock click.

"The strangest thing is...There all sorts of guests here, having some sort of party..."

Vym listened closer.

"And one of them, was my old boss from-"

From...? Vym thought...But she heard no more...All she heard was something heavy clashing against something hard, a thud, and a click, like the phone going back on the receiver.

Vym didn't know what to do...She couldn't leave her post, but she had to tell someone...

The lights came back on.

She just stood there, for another minute or two...Until she heard voices...She perked up, and listened.


A blood-curdling scream came from the room...And Vym only knew one person who could scream that loudly...

"Tanri..." She murmered.

"What is it no-?!" Vix stopped short.

"Look!" Tanri shrieked.

"Yes! I see it! Stop screaming!"

The screams drew attention to everyone else in the house, they all ran down.

"What's wrong?!" Zim shouted.

Vym looked up, "Vix and Tanri!" She yelled, "They got into the Lounge!"

"How?!" Dib asked, loudly.

"I-I don't know!"

DJ, En, Zay, and Meg ran down the stairs first, Dib and Zim following close behind.

Zim got to the door, and shoved Vym out of the way, "Move it, Pearl! I've got to open the door!"

"Then open it you lizard!" Dib yelled.

Zim searched his pockets rapidly, and his eyes widened, "It's gone!"

"What's gone?!" DJ asked.

"The key!" Zim shouted.

"Nevermind the key, open the door!" Dib said.

Zim spun around and shook Dib by the front of his jacket, "I can't open the door without the key!"

Meg smiled slightly and ran off to the Library.

"Where are you going, love?!" DJ called after her.

"I have an idea!"

Meg came back, with a revolver in her hand, (the same one from the locked cupboard), she stumbled, and a shot fired at the chandelier.

Dib and DJ dropped to the ground, at the sound of a gunshot, while Zay and En pounded on the door, yelling, "Let us in! Let us in!"

"Let us out! Let us out!" Vix and Tanri yelled, from the other side.

"Move!" Meg yelled, aiming the gun at the lock.

En and Zay turned around and dived out of the way.

Meg fired.

"I've been shot, I've been shot!" Vix yelled.

All Meg had to say, was, "You can come out, the door is open!"

Chapter Fifteen

The door swung open, and Vix stepped out, clutching his shoulder, a look of agony on his face from the pain bestowed upon him moments ago.

"You shot him! Why were you shooting at us?!" Tanri demanded.

"Please!" DJ said, loudly. "Do not yell at Ms. Yvette! She was only trying to help, after all!"

"She still shot my boyfriend!"

"SHUT UP! Both of you!" Zim screeched at the top of his lungs.

DJ and Tanri immedietly quieted down, still glaring at one another.

"Yes, Yvette did shoot the Colonel, that was not her intent...She was only trying to open the door, to free both of you, and besides, she only hit the top of his shoulder, nothing serious."

Meg nodded, "Mais Oui, Madame Peacock, I was only trying to help you and your lover get out of there."

"Why did you scream?" Vym asked, eagerly.

"H-Him..." Tanri murmured quietly, her voice now shaking.

Laying on the floor, next to a lead pipe, was Rai, he was dead.

"Hit with a blow to the head..." Zim said, kneeling down beside the dead "motorist."

Dib scratched his head, and looked around, finally, his eyes rested on the revolver in Meg's hand.

"Isn't that the very same gun from the cupboard?" Dib asked.

Zay turned, "I think it is..."

"But it was locked!" Dib yelled.

Meg shook her head, "No it wasn't..."

En nodded, "Yes it was," she said, "I remember..."

Meg shook her head again, "But it was unlocked, see for yourselves!"

"Oh no! No, no, no!" Vix shook his head, I can not take any more surprises!" Vix crossed his arms, in a small protest.

At that moment, the rope, holing the chandelier, (which had been shot earlier), decided to snap, letting the chandelier fall, and shatter, directly behind Vix.

"Okay! Let's go see!" Vix said, the shock from the shatter wearing down.

They all dashed to the Study, Meg dropped the revolver in the process.

In the study, the large group saw that Meg was right, the cupboard was wide open.

Almost instantly, Vix whirled on Meg, "How did you know you could get to the gun?!"

"I-I didn't! I think, that I would break it open, but it was open already!"

"Likely story..." Vix said, sarcastically.

"Well, wherever that blasted revolver came from, one thing is for certain, she is quite handy with it..." DJ said, casting a loving gaze in Meg's direction.

Meg blushed.

At that moment, the doorbell rang...

Chapter Sixteen

"Hold on...Maybe they'll just go away," En said.

They all remained absolutely silent for a few moments, but just when they thought whoever had rang the bell finally left, the bell rang again.

The group groaned.

DJ looked around, and said, "...I'm going to open it."

Vix whirled on him, "What?! No! Are you crazy?!"

"I have nothing to hide! I didn't do it!" DJ yelled back, turning and walking to the main hall and towards the front door.

The entire party chased after him, but before they could stop the Brit, he had already opened the door, and was looking right at Rae, who was dressed as a police officer.

"Hello, citizens...Am I interrupting anything?" Rae asked.

"Oh, no, not at all," DJ replied.

"Okay then, did a man or woman come by here with a broken down car come by here?"

"No," The group, (besides DJ), said unison, hoping that the "officer" would go away.

"Yes," DJ said.

"...Would you mind if I come in for a minute?" Rae asked.

Zim elbowed his way through the group of guests, and told Rae, "Of course, sir, would you care to wait in the stu-...No..." Zim said, remembering the bodies, "In the loun-...No..."

"I should just-"

"No, no! Um...Please, just wait in the, uhm...Library," Zim said.

Rae gave a curt nod, and removed his hat as he entered the room.

Quickly Zay ran to the study's open door and shut it a little too loudly.

Rae whirled around and eyed Zay suspiciously.

Zay gave a polite smile as she stood nonchalantly in the doorway.

Another slam came from behind Rae.

He turned quickly and looked at Dib curiously, who was leaning on the doorframe, an ivory pipe in his hand.

Zim glared at the two of them as he quickly ushered Rae into the library, "Okay, just...stay here, and have anything on the countertop," Zim told him, gesturing to the collection of sodas and drinks on the table. "But...Not that one, just in case," he said, pointing at a large bottle, the contents that Tanri had drank earlier.

"Just in case of what?" Rae asked, but Zim had already shut and locked the door.

Rae stared at the door for a while, before shrugging, and helping himself to one of the drinks, then the phone rang.

He picked it up off the receiver, "Hello?"

Outside the door, the group was in a huddle, "How are we going to get him out of the house?!" En asked.

"I don't know!" Meg replied.

"Ask Mr. Green, it was his brilliant idea to let him in here!" Vix said.

"Wait..." Zay said, "I've got an idea."

In the Library, Rae nodded his head, and set the telephone next to the receiver, not hanging it up, and approached the door, "You are all under arrest for disabling an officer of his duties, involuntary lockup, and murder!"

The door was quickly unlocked and opened, he was met by Zim's voice, "What do you mean, murder?"

"I didn't, I just said that so you'd open the door," Rae replied. "Why would you lock me in there?"

"Oh, well, I suppose we're all a bit paranoid, the chandelier fell down and nearly killed one of my guests."

"...Well, alright then, but on your telephone, it's J. Edgar Hoover! The head of the city police department!" Rae said, pointing to the phone.

Tanri looked at Zim funny, "Why is J. Edgar Hoover on your phone?"

"Well he's on everyone else's, why not mine?!" Zim snapped. "Now, if you'll excuse me," Zim entered the room and shut the door behind him, leaving Rar out with the others.

"What's going on here, anyway?" Rae asked.

Zay looked at the officer, "Oh, we're uh...having a party," she said, "Pearl!"

Vym sat up, "Hm?"

"Would you mind showing the officer around?"

"What? Me?" Vym asked.

"Yes, you can show him, and the...ballroom, am the dining room," Zay told her.

"Oh...Um, yes, come with me sir, I'll show you the ballroom...and the kitchen...and the dining room," Vym said, leading Rae away.

Zay turned to the rest of the group, "Remember, this is only a last resort...Okay, so, Mustard, you take The Cook, and Peacock, you help him," Zay said.

Tanri and Vix joined hands, and nodded.

"Alright, Professor, you're with me, we'll take the Motorist," Zay told him.

Dib winked and wrapped an arm around her waist, "Gladly."

Blushing lightly, Zay continued, "Mrs. White, you'll take Mr. Boddy, Yvette and Green, you'll go into the study with Mustard, Peacock, and White."

They all nodded.

"Good, good," Zay said.

She then heard Vym and Rae begin to enter the main hall once more, "I want to know what's going on in the other rooms!"

"Other rooms...? W-What other rooms?" Vym stammered

Hurriedly, Zay grabbed Dib's sleeve and ran into the lounge.

Meg and DJ joined hands and quickly entered the study, along with Vix, Tanri, and En.

Rae's footsteps clicked into the main hall, followed by Vym's.

"Those two rooms," Rae said, pointing to the library and the lounge.

"Oh...Well...I really don't think-" Vym began.

Rae had already headed for the study door, "What's the matter? Why can't I go in?"

Vym ran in front of the door and blocked it off with her body, "Because it''s far too shocking!"

"There's nothing in this house that I can't handle, now move," Rae said, moving Vym out of his way.

Life could be a dream...If you'd only let me spend my whole life, loving you, life could be a dream, sweetheart...

Sweet sounds of a love song played in the study as Rae and Vym entered.

Rae looked around, and noticed that there were people in the room, En kneeled on the couch, apparently over someone, fingers ran through her hair, he couldn't see who was underneath her, but it looked to him that En was kissing him.

Viewing this from a different angle, it would reveal En kissing Zar, his wounds were obscured from Rae's view, and she was moving his arm up and down, to make it seem as if he was petting her hair. Zar did not move his body, but he was, (undetectably), breaking the rules of his character's current state by kissing En back.

Across the room, Vix kissed the neck of Tayree, near the window, her arms moved up and down his sides.

Again, from a side view, you could see that Tayree was on her knees so Vix could appear to kiss her neck. His fingers held her eyelids open, as he supported her weight. The arms running up his sides, were Tanri's. She was concealed behind the curtains of the window.

The only couple that wasn't faking anything, was Meg and DJ. They were pressed against the wall, kissing one another passionately. Meg's hands where holding DJ's collar, pulling him ever closer to her, DJ kept his arms around her waist.

Vym's jaw practically dropped.

"I don't see a reason to be shocked about anything in here, these folks are just having a good time," Rae said, turning around, and exiting the room.

Next, he opened the door to the lounge, and found Dib and Zay kissing on a couch, her arms were wrapped around him, Dib ran his fingertips up her spine.

Rai sat in a chair, a hat on his head, covering the wound on his head, an empty bottle of wine or something in his hand, giving the impression that he was knocked out and drunk.

Dib and Zay broke apart abruptly upon the door opening.

"Oh! Hello, officer," Zay said, innocently.

Rae looked at Rai, bent down, and sniffed the area where he sat, "...This man is drunk," he confirmed.

Dib nodded.

"Dead drunk."

Zay started to get nervous, "...D-Dead right," she replied, still smiling.

Rae turned to Rai and asked him, "You're not going to be driving home, are you?"

Dib spoke up, "He won't be driving home, officer, we'll make sure of that."

"Mhm," Zay nodded, "We'll, uh...We'll rent him a car!"

"A long black car," Dib said.

Zay elbowed him, "Limousine,"

"Oh..." Zay smirked as Dib turned back to her and began to kiss her again.

Rae left the room, and met Zim, who had finished his phone call.

"I know what you did," Rae said.


"Mhm, and I'm here to say that there's nothing wrong with it," Rae explained.

Zim looked at Rae oddly, "...There's not?"

"Of course there's not! We live in America, it's a free country, don't you know that?" Rae said.

"Well, I didn't know it was that free," Zim said, looking at Vym questioningly.

Vym shrugged.

Rae smiled and walked back into the library.

The group of guests and the maid came out of the two rooms, after Rae left the main hall.

Zim turned to the library door, shut it, and locked it once again...

Chapter Seventeen

"Why'd you lock him in again?" DJ asked as Zim stuffed the key back into his pocket.

"Because, we've still got a house to search, and who knows when the power could go out again?" Zim grabbe En by the wrist and whisked her up the stairs.

Tanri started to yell something but Vix put a hand over her mouth, "Now's not the time, Peacock. You can scream all you want when this is over."

As the pair left, Zay began to make her way towards the basement, eyeing Dib as she went. She gave him a smirk, "Following, Professor?"

"To the ends of the Earth," Dib purred, going after her.

Meg smiled at them as they walked away, "How sweet."

DJ nodded, "I suppose. Come along, Yvette?" He took her hand.

She looked up at him and nodded, "But of course, Monsieur Vert."

They walked up the stairs, heading to the attic, an Vym took her place in front of the library door, ignoring Rae's questioning and shouts, demanding he be released.

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