Name: Ceriz

Gender: Female

Age: 13

Race: Human

Born: May 19, 1999

Hair color: Black-violet

Eye color: Steel blue

Profession: Student

Affilations:' 'None

Parents: Unknown

Siblings: None

Love interests: Dib

SIR Unit: None


Ceriz is a quirky and crazy tomboy who just can't seem to get a break. She can be super hyper or super serious whichever is the most needed when a conflict arises. She normally can be quite shy and non-talkative but when with En and her 'friends' she can be quite the talker and surprisingly out-going. She is very nonathletic and can't do anything that ends with -ball along with En. Even though she can do zero sports she excels at video games and even plays with Gaz sometimes. She has a passion for art, music, and acting. Hopes to go to a very high-class animation kalledge or yuniversitee.

Physical appearance

Ceriz has pale skin, blue eyes, and short shoulder-length triangle shaped black-violet hair. She wears glasses like En and Dib, except her are more exotic looking, it sort of looks like rectangles with inward curving sides and downward sloping lengths. Her normal outfit consists of a shirt with a intricate pattern on it, a vest over top it, and in the fall a long sleeved striped sweater under it all. She has purple jeans and black high-top converses.

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