Name: Ceerial(pronounced like cereal), Prefers Ceer
HNI 0031

Ceer, from front and back.

Speicies: Irken Eye Color: Light Blue

Rank: Navigator

Antennea Style: Like Zim's, but more eighth-note like.

Most likely to say: "Hi. I'm Ceer. Its good to see you."

Least Likely to say: "I hate the Tallest because they are the new ones so Red is not a Tallest anymore!"


Ceer is a kind Irken. She is very good at piloting ships. She is one of the navigators on the Massive. She is brave and protective, and she worries about the Tallest's saftey. She is also very quiet, and she is shy around the other navigators, invaders, and almost eveyone execpt for the Tallest. However, she is not afraid to introduce herself.


Ceer, like most Irkens, has green skin. Her antennea resemble the stem of an eigth note. she waers a teal
facemask, teal tube-like upper body armor with a blue spot near the center, and a dark blue skirt. Her gloves and leggings are a purpleish blue, and she wears sky blue boots. she has light blue eyes.



She and Red are very good friends. Ceer looks up to Red and admires his leadership. She is starting to have feelings for him beyond friendship.


Ceer and Purple are very good friends.


  • Ceer is the most recent member of the Massive crew thingy.
    Don't Cry, Ceer

    Younger Ceer with her father

  • I wrote this at 8:30 PM.
  • She changed the coding in her PAK so that she would cry for exactly three nights if Red ever got demoted from Tallest.
  • She was bullied as a child.

Ceer Rainbow

Something I made for fun

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