Cece as a 12 year old ^-^


Name: Cece

Age: 12 (I turned her into a 12 year old ^-^)

Race: Half-human half-Irken

Gender: Female

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Red and pink

Love interest: Aku (Maybe~)

Family: Gabe (Twin)

Birthday: February 16


Lovi: Cece really likes Lovi, but is to shy to show it. She know's how Lovi feels about her, and is trying to show the same feelings, but everytime she does, Gabe or someone else has to say ssomething. But then Cece never really saw Lovi anymore, and lost feelings for him.

Lova: Cece and Lova have so many things in common, and are fine friends.

Gabe: Since Gabe is Cece's twin, she loves him and will do anything for him. But he can get really annoying most of the time. She's saved Gabe's life more then she can count, and is getting tiered of it. She tries to break up Gabe and Lovi when they have a fight, since Lovi hates Gabe. She just hopes that Gabe will just shut up for once and just stay still...

Aku: Cece and Aku have some things in common, and it makes Cece smile and sometimes blush. She helps Aku to calm down and stuff like that, and maybe she really does love him. 

(More coming soon ^-^)

Fun facts

  • Cece does not like to speak, the only person that she speaks to is her creator, her mother (Who is un-known), Gabe and the people that she can trust
  • Cece has a twin brother called Gabe.
  • Cece loves Laddybugs and Butterflies
  • She has a teddy bear who is really a robot in disguise... but she does not know it yet.
  • Did you know that Cece showed up on Earth all of a sudden, so Mas had to take care of her.
  • Cece loves to swim
  • She loves everyone and everything... apart from spiders.
  • If someone gives Cece a flower, she will love them forever. (Only is she feels safe around them)
  • She is very shy.
  • Cece hates the dark
  • She loves to dress up as a ladybird and a dinosaur
  • Cece has a pet bunny called Dido, and she loves Dido more then anything, she also has a kitten and a turtle
  • She can speak anything, from French to Spainish, to Japanese to Turkish
  • She was supposed to have a dark blue hair. But then I changed it.
  • She was my very first OC.
  • More Facts soon!!! :D

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