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She has orange hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue shirt, a yellow shirt, and a yellow cross bracelet. The cross isn't meant to represent the Christian cross at all, but instead to represent the yellow cross on the Swedish flag.

My Five Nordic Characters

Carin is the third character over, with her name printed above her in blue and yellow.


She is hyperactive and crazy and often times gets really high off of her own energy. She enjoys screaming and yelling, but never to be mean. She is bes friends with Ieva and the two are inseperable. She has a tendency to rant about random things that no one cares about without even realizing it.


  • She is my fifth Nordic character.
  • Her name is spelled the way it is because "Carin" is the Swedish form of "Karen."
  • She was originally going to be mean and cruel.
  • Wherever she is, Ieva is never too far behind.

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