This is Candy, and yes, her skin colour is light pink... ._.

Name: Candy

Age: Un-known, let's just say she's a smeet XD

Race: Irken

Gender: Female

Height: A foot and a half

Love interest: Non

Most likely to say: "Candy!" "Helloz!"

Leastly likely to say: "BLAH!" "Uh... can you ztay away from me, pleaze...?"

Personality: Candy loves people, she can't stay away from them. But the thing is, she doesnt know if they like her or not. She loves Candy, and will do anything for a cookie. She's very nice and friendly, she will try her best to make someone happy, but she is quiet because people call her gay. Candy also replaces "S" with "Z", for exmp: "Helloz! My name is Candy and I'm a zmeet! I lovez candy, and-! Oh! What'z that?!"



Candy thinks that Matthew is so sweet, nice and friendly, and she doesnt understand why he doesnt have any friends. She'll do anything to make him happy, even if she get's beaten up. She really hates Matthew's brother, since he doesn't really care about him at all, and Candy calls him a lolly-pop. She want's Matthew to be happy and safe, and wants to be the grestest friend that Matthew has ever had.


Candy likes Maple, most of the time, only when she blows up her cookies and almost shot her, that's when she's scared of her. She want's to talk to Maple the best she could, but is to scared to even come near her, since the last time she did, she slapped Candy.

(more coming soon ^-^)

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