Far off in the daylight of the morning, in the large horizon was a small kingdom, it gleamed with the growing sunlight hitting its sleek and shiny exterior, it was almost as if the kingdom was made of pure crystal and spectrum, the more light that came from in between the surrounding mountain peaks the more beautiful it became. Bright streaks of crystalized colors shot from the various nooks and crannies. It was no bigger than a town, but not yet as small as a village. There lived three queens under the single castle roof, they were the best of friends absolutely nothing could keep them apart. When they were younger they had all lived in the same village, Phineas and Ferb Fanon Village, but the youngest of the bunch little Hyper was too immature to stay, she had caused the admins, users, and everyone who came on hate her and despise her other than Arbeach and Che. They were her only friends, everyone else was sickened by her presence. So she created a whole new kingdom, a small secluded kingdom where she could rule over her new favorite subject, Invader Zim. She then founded the Invader Zim Shipping Fanon Village. Alongside her rule was Arbeach and Che. They never left each others side. This is their story and the story of how the kingdom to be fell into pieces.

It was a stuggle as a soon-to-be teenager to run a village, she looked forward to the struggle as a headstrong, stubborn child she chose to start by herself. So she built a few structures here and there and was satisfied but tired, so very tired. There was no way she could get a whole village built in due time. Then she heard a familiar shout and looked out over the balcony to the mountains, a small figured called from it, "Hyper! What are you doing all the way over there?!" 

Hyper called back, "I dont like Phineas and Ferb anymore..! Invader Zim is better!" 

Arbeach rolled her eyes, sometimes that little girl was such an annoyance, "That doesn't mean you have to leave the whole fandom!"

Hyper turned her back to Arbeach, only seeing her as an onstacle to just ignore as she returned back to building her perfect village.

Arbeach watched a while as Hyper molded together tiny houses made of brittle branches the youngster could snap off of a tree nearby. Eventually she gave in and entered the kingdom, taking in the little sights as she walked through the "gaurded" entryway.

"Not much... but I could help." Arbeach could clearly see through the whole lot to spot Hyper. She walked over to her friend and tapped her on the shoulder, "Do you need help?"


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