Name: Braide Kenzie

Nickname: Bree, Bray, or Rai (pronounced ray)

Race: Human 

Gender: Female 

Age: 14

Height: a head taller than McKenzie 

Born: November 15

Hair color: Dark Orange/Red streak

Eye color: Blue 

Profession: Student

Affiliations: Class of 2017 at Graeyvston High 

Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Kenzie 

Siblings: McKenzie

Love interests: None 

SIR Units: None 

Past life

Braide was bullied a lot as a kid though she stuck through it all with her love for Jesus. Till this day the only thing keeping her from killing herself is knowing she would be letting God down and dishonoring him. Other than that she grew up in a middle-class family as an only child. 


Braide is clinically depressed but always fakes a smile for others in hopes they'll never find out her secret. She has a kind heart and stands up for others especially her new sister. She is very sarcastic and enjoys humor especially dark humor. She's very talkative around loved ones and shy and quiet at school. 


Braide has pale skin, light blue eyes, and dark orange hair with a single maroon streak. She wears a dark red sleevless dress with a design, and plum pants with white and gray striped boots. 
Braide Kenzie



Zim and Braide akknowledge each other and are close to being acquaintances but Zim's last wish is to be friends with a human so he distances himself from her.


Braide thinks Dib is crazy like everyone else but knows that Zim is an alien. She has a knack for meeting crazy people. She has feelings for him but only as good friends.


Braide loves her adopted little sister McKenzie. They are as close as sisters can be. Braide would do anything to protect her and help her through her troubles. McKenzie adores her big sister and never thought a human could be so loving.

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