Rain was pounding against the roof of Graeyvston Hi Skool. The skies were stuffed with dark gray clouds as if it were a giant fluffy blanket. Lightning lit the sky with stunning purple, yellow, and white colors. Each one was intense as if God was putting on a lightshow. And after it came roaring thunder claps that shook the ground. Cars littered the street as sirens sounded off alarming others of a nearby accident.

That was exactly what Zim's class had done. Well in their defense the crash was too loud not to ignore. Zim sighed, bored and stared down at his feet. Finally he decided to get out of his seat and watch the phenomenon. He watched as the driver of the smashed vehicle was laying down on the hood of the car his head covered in blood and glass. 

Zim scoffed and shuffled his feet, nothing to see. When he looked back up he saw that the injured and possibly dead man was being put onto a flat surface. He was dead, Zim thought as they pulled a white sheet over the man's body, covering his lifeless, pale face. 

Wasn't it funny, Zim said to himself inside his head, How a human's life can be cut short so quickly by such a small mistake. 

Soon the magic faded away as both of the ambulances sped off and the police cars left too. The student's entertainment was lost again and they returned to their seats. Except for Zim, who was stock still in front of the window. He still imagined the man spread out on the hood, windsheild shattered all over his body. Funny, indeed.

"Hey." a voice came from behind Zim. He turned to see Saumon standing there books in the crook of her arm, a small smile was upon her lips.

Zim shut his locker after a few seconds and replied back, "Wipe that smile off your face and carry these books. I don't like the fact that other filth children have handled them before me." he dropped the books in front of her. They hit the floor with a booming thud that blended in with the continuous thunder shouts. 

She bended down and picked up the books and held them unsteadily in her arms. Zim watched impatiently as she stumbled around with the collected weight of the books. 


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