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He has blond hair and green eyes. (*shot for stereotypicalness*) He used to wear a green shirt and jeans, though after a while, he asked Gabrielle to make him a uniform like hers, and so now he wears that.


He is sweet and shy and doesn't usually talk much. He is scared of people he doesn't know and cries whenever there are too many strangers around. He is very tough, though, and can often times take quite a beating before he goes down. He has the same skill his sister had at his age, which is a huge benefit. He is emotionally very strong, which is something that developed from the training Gabrielle gives him—the same training her older brother gave her when she was younger.


  • He is Swiss.
  • He always has to carry around a rifle, per Gabrielle's orders.
  • He wants to join the army when he gets older.
  • Gabrielle is the one person he looks up to for support.
  • He is the younges of my characters, being only four years old.

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