Chapter One

The placement exams had been taken. Everyone had been give a class that they were to be trapped in every school year. Fumizuki Academy was ruthless.

Kasumi walked to class with three of her friends: Emil, Lukas, and Pechka.

"How did you get put in Class F?" Emil asked.

"I just wanted to spend this year with my Hidey-kun," Kasumi replied. "He took a trip to Rapa Nui last summer and I didn't get to see him."

"You two are dating?" Lukas asked. "I never would have guessed he was the type you are into." He blushed lightly. "Uh, n-no offense, he is a very good person. Very respectful, polite, and helpful! He just does not seem like your type. I am not implying that you are a bad person, though. He just does not seem like the kind of person you would want a closer bond with than just good friends."

"Most people don't. Well, there's Class F! I'll see you after school!"

Kasumi and Pechka walked into their classroom to be greeted by Gabrielle, the insane Swiss weirdo.

"Hey, Pit of Eternal Burning!" she said. "Hey, Kasu-chan!"

"Can you not make my name sound as if it's supposed to be Hell?" Pechka asked.

"Whatevs! Anyway, I want you guys to meet my baby bruder!"

Before either of them could protest, Gabrielle grabbed Pechka and Kasumi's wrists and pulled them over to the far corner of the classroom where a small boy who looked about two was curled up in a ball.

"He's super shy," Gabi explained. "So don't scare him. He'll only let me and Hideyoshi near him, so don't try. Oh, by the way, he's four."

He looked up at Gabi, Pechka, and Kasumi and started crying.

Gabi picked him up and cuddled him. "Shh, Bruder, it's okay. They won't hurt you."

The classroom door burst open. In the doorway was Class E's rep, Hazel D'harcey.

"Klasse E herausfordert Verlierer zu einem Summoner Test-Krieg!" she announced loudly.

"Was?! Es ist nur der erste Tag!" Minami protested, looking completely surprised.

"Es ist mir egal! Ich bin der Klasse E der rep!"

"Ein hübsches unvorsichtiges wenn Sie mich fragen!"

"Ich weiB, ich weiB."

Pechka's eyes flashed with a light of pure determination. "Ich akzeptiere Ihre Herausforderung!"

"Man kann nicht dein Ernst sein!" Minami yelled in dibelief.

"Heh, I never turn down a challenge. We all know that."

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