A small piece of a story I'm writing called Courage that focuses around Dib with Courage because Tak's back, but this part features ZAGR, enjoy ^.^

Dib found Zim a moment later, giving Gaz multiple kisses on the cheek and ducking every time a fist came in his dierection.

Gaz soon grew bored and left Zim alone.

He began to feel ignored; he didn't like her sudden lack of violence. Getting an idea, he reached down and grabbed the end of her dress. He pulled upwards until her entire magenta legging was revealed. He didn't plan on going any further, he just wanted her attention.

Dib, and everyone who was in the area, cringed at the sound of the palm of Gaz's hand, coming in contact with the side of Zim's face.

He fell of the bench and rubbed his cheek. "That's the human I fell in love with!"

Gaz fumed, but chose to ignore it, seeing as Zim was back on the bench, running his gloved hand through her violet hair.

"Oh yes," he purred. "You are the perfect human."

Dib turned away, afraid to see what would happen to Zim next.
IMG 1262

I felt that this picture went well with the story. By: Jackfreak1994 on Deviantart

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