Name: Asher.

Age: 13
Asher redraw

Birthday: Un-Known

Hair: Black and dark red hightlights

Eyes: Purple

Race: Human

Siblings: None

Asher's appearance

Asher's hair is black with dark red highlights in the front. They are hard to see, but it is there. He has purple eyes, and very pale skin. He wears a creamy color jumper and underneath he wears a grey shirt with a huge A on it. He also wears dark purple trousers and normal white shoes.


Asher's that kind of boy that loves comic's, and cosplay's, and movies, and all sorts of fandom's, but is embarrased to tell anyone about them and is really shy around people. He's deaf, so he has to ask people to slowly talk so he can read their lips. He tries not to get in trouble, though he always ends up getting hurt/bullied. He does selfharm and has depression, though he doesn't tell people.


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