Name: Aris(Aristotle)

Species: Irken

Height: 5'9"

Eye Color: Golden Rod

Antenne Style: Curled

Symbol: Goggles

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Age: 19

Human Birthday: December 31

Ranking: Resisty Pilot

Gender: male

Love Interest: Dakama

Most Likely To Say: "I love it when your fiesty."

Least Likely To Say: "I give up."

About Aris

He may seem a little conceited on the outside, but he actually quiet gentle. Aris is a pilot for the Resisty, and a very serious one, in fact. When Aris is on the wheel, he's in the zone. Aris also has a steampunk fetish, and is very fascinated by Dakama's work. With Dakama, he doesn't hide the fact that he likes her, constantly flirting with her, and grabbing her. Aris, despite Dakama's efforts, doesn't seem to understand what rejection is, and is attracted to Dakama's so called "fiestiness". His body bears several scars from the Resisty War, but usually conceals them.


Izocmeme by 0soda chan0-d55uwqj

Tired Aris is Tired

Diary Of Dakama03:17

Diary Of Dakama

DAAR Video

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