She has shoulder-length light brown hair and green eyes. She wears a red t-shirt, jeans, pink tennis shoes, and a platinum cross necklace.


Despite half of her blood being that of Lucifer's, she is sweet and innocent. She could never unjustly hurt anyone even if she tried to. She is never up for violence of any kind and usually refuses to fight even if other said person is trying to hurt her. She does hr best to life her life right for God, because she knows He loves her even if she is part Devil.


  • She was given the name "Amore" because it means "love" in Italian.
  • She can quickly and easily pick up new languages.
  • She is nice and very sweet, though she isn't naïve or a fool.
  • She is very smart and is only bad at science, which is the completely opposite of Deathbloom.
  • She is Deathbloom's older sister by, like, an hour.

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