This is my first story, so sorry if it's not very good! ^_^

Chapter 1

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and Luun was taking a walk through the forest with her sketchpad looking for something to draw. She found a spot to sit, and waited for something to inspire her. After waiting a while, a little red squirrel came up to her.

"Hello there..." said Luun to the squirrel with a smile. She noticed the squirrel's pretty auburn fur and long bushy tail. "Umm... Do... Do you mind if I draw you?"

The squirrel gave a chirrup of approval and Luun started to draw. When she'd finished, she showed the squirrel the picture. "Do you like it...?" The squirrel crawled on to Luun, curled up, and went to sleep. Eventually, Luun started to fall asleep too.

Suddenly, she was woken by a huge rumble of the ground and a loud crash. The squirrel had run away in fright and all the birds had flown from the trees. Scared, yet curious, she went to investigate. She ran through the forest, leaving her sketchpad behind her, and came to a small glade. At the center of the glade was a spaceship like none she'd seen before. She walked up to it cautiously and carefully opened the door...

Chapter 2

Inside the ship was an unconsious Irken with a broken antenna wearing a yellow and black uniform. He was wounded and his head was badly damaged. Luun was shocked to find this and carefully pulled him out of the driver's seat.&nbsp She took him to a space in the forest, cleaned his wounds, and leaned him against a tree, waiting for him to wake.

A few hours passed and it was getting dark. Luun was wondering wether she should give up and leave when suddenly, the mysterious Irken lurched and woke up. This made Luun jump, but then she realized him sitting up, awake, and smiled.

"Ah good, you're awake!"

The Irken stared at her confusedly.

"Oh, I-I'm sorry... Are you okay?" Luun asked.

He stared more. Luun started to get a bit creeped out.

"M-m-my name is Luun... What's yours?"

The Irken just stared.

"Can't you talk?" Luun asked worriedly.

The Irken stared. Suddenly he began coughing violently. His eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed. Luun looked around, scared and wondering what to do. She decided that she'd try to take him home. She tried to lift him, but she wasn't strong enough.

"You stay here okay...?" she said to him. "Please could you keep an eye on him?" she asked a rabbit. The rabbit nodded and Luun ran off home.

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