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She has shoulder-length purple hair and blue eyes. She wears a short dark blue dress, a light blue belt, black gloves, a light blue barrette, a gold and amethyst bracelet, and usually walks around barefoot.

Quincy Archer Amethyst


She's cruel and mean, usually always having quick insults ready for anyone who decided to go against her and what she does. She has a tedency to get overly cocky. She used to be completely harsh and seemingly heartless, though once she fell in love, she became much nicer.

She's pretty much a tsundere type, in a nutshell.


  • She is Liechtensteinrin.
  • She resolved to keep her twin sister safe at all costs.
  • She lived half her life in Japan.
  • Although she was trained to restore peace, and restoring peace was her job, she created more chaos half the time.
  • She tends to hold a grudge against anyone who has done anything against her.

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