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She has shoulder-length blond hair and green eyes. She usually wears a short pink dress, white tights, pink mary-


janes, a red and white headband, and heart-shaped red locket. She also carries a small red and white pouch over her shoulder that she keeps her inhaler in.


She is very sweet, shy, and considerate, which isn't what many would pro
bably first expect her to be like, because of her valley girl accent. She easily flustered by strangers. Once she's met and talked to a person long enough, she'll go all-out insane on them. Although she loves making new friends, she usually can't even manage a single word in English without Rasa around.

She is a pleasant girl to be around most of the time, but she does get pushy and selfish sometimes. She will love you if you're nice, but she will hate you forever is you're mean to Rasa.


  • She wears red and white becase they are the colors of the Polish flag.
  • She is my second Soviet character.
  • She likes to crossdress, though she doesn't do it as much as she used to.
  • She used to have a brother, but he died when he was just a few years old.
  • Her creator was on crack when she was created.
  • She knows a total of three languages: Polish, Lithuanian, and English.

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