This is a true story, if you want to know who it's about, you can ask me, I'll tell you, so, enjoy.


Every day, the girl came to class, she wouldn't smile. It was almost as if she couldn't...

She was quiet, never said a word, unless she was spoken to.

The kids just thought she was a normal girl, but of course she wasn't, but no one tried to get to know her well enough to know that.

All day, every day, she was quiet, never said a word, never cracked a smile, but what no one knew, was that she was listening, always listening.

At lunch, she sat with many people, but spoke to none of them, for you see, none of them spoke to her.

She was alone, always...alone...

She figured, if anyone wanted to speak to her, they would, so she wouldn't speak, unless spoken to.

When they had the option to partner up with someone, she remained alone, and worked quietly, saying nothing the entire time.

Sure, she wore bright enough colors, she had a nice personality, she had an active imagination, she was intelligent, and funny, but it was like no one cared...No one ever said a word to her...

She used to have friends, so very many friends, but now, they were all in different classes, and the only one she could count on to always be there for her, moved to a different Skool. So now, she was alone...So miserably alone...

She always expressed her thoughts and emotions through her drawings, and her writing. She was never bored that way.

If you watched her every day, you would be saddened, for it seemed as of she had no one...

Sure, she had people who occasionally say hello, who engage in a short conversation with her, but that's all...

Her sadness and loneliness, however, ends when she gets home, to a family who loves her, sometimes even before then.

You see, when she boards the bus that takes her home, someone would sit by her.

This certain someone, was a boy, in seventh grade just like she was, he was nothing new, he was a regular boy, his name was Jason.

This boy, however, kept her from being sad every day, because he was able to do something no one else could.

He made her laugh.

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