Randall looked out the window. "Rain.," he though in disgust.

He always hated rain. And the fact it was in the place he dispised bothered him.

He looked down at his arm. There, on all four, were scars. Scars that only had come from depression, but bullying as well.

Randall sighed. No one seemed to love him, and they all made fun of him. Would they be laughing at him if THEY were the ones that were forced to be beaten due to being frail and weak?


Randall cried in two of his four arms. Every day he was humiliated. Beaten, even. What did he do to them?

He looked over. The orange bottle of pills were right there. He had...allergies. He needed only one each day.

But he could have all of them at the same time.

He dumped out of the pills in his hand, throwing the empty bottle on the ground.

He cried. He remember his friends, his family, his boyfriend. Too bad no one would find him.

The door opened.

"Randall, I heard that Oozma Kappa is having a party, and...," Meme's sentence was cut short when he saw what the lizard was trying to do.

"RANDALL! NO!," Meme shouted, lunging foward at Randall. The pills fell out of his hands and onto the floor.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!," Randall yelled, tears rolling down his face.



Both of them calmed down, with Randall still sobbing.

"Let me die, let me die...," Randall sobbed.

"Why? You can't leave me.," Meme said.

"No one else thinks otherwise. They all want me

"I don't, Hyper doesn't, Strider doesn't, LMX doesn't, even CADENCE doesn't!"

"Just...let me be. I want no one to care."

"Shhhhh. I'm here. Cry on me.," cooed Meme, hugging Randall softly.

Randall cried out his anger on Meme's shoulder. Meme didn't care. As long as his boyfriend was OK, he was fine with it.

"I just...No one cares if I cry or not. They treat me like a trash, which is what I always am!," yelled Randall, hugging Meme tighter.

What Meme did next made Randall stop.

Meme's lip felt soft. Soft as a pillow, even. Randall sniffed and gave in.

"Randall, please tell me whenever you have a problem.," Meme said, and walked away.

"I was just...I was angered by bullying."

It sucked that Randall didn't tell Meme the truth why.


  • gets wine glass thrown at!*

Hey, no hating! I know, it's my first depression fic.

After Part 1 of The Day I Flu is finished, I'll make The Story, a Randall fic.

Comment, please!

Meme911 (talk) 04:44, July 18, 2013 (UTC)Meme911

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