" C'mon, Brayden! Stop being such a sour-ball!"

That voice belonged to Vanellope Von Schweetz, the newest kid on Weirdy Street, talking to Brayden, one of her friends. Well, more of a mentor than a friend, but still someone she knew.

" Please, Vanellope. I'm trying to read Harry Potter 5'.," Brayden said. Even at the park, Brayden did what he did best: reading.

" Well, why? I'm kinda your sister. Well, I'm not even your sister, but still!," Vanellope said. She wanted someone to play a game with her, like Chutes and Ladders.

" Because I don't play games, Vanellope. I like reading. You know, since the brain expands when you read.," the human-Irken hybrid said. Vanellope didn't want much, only to hang out Brayden.

Plus, annoying him was fun.

" Whatever, Mr. " I Read 50 Shades Of Grey!," Vanellope said. For the past month, Brayden read that book and read it in secret, but Vanellope recently found out when she accidently walked in on him when he was reading it.

The whole park looked at them. Boys, girls, dog, old ladies, pigs, even zombies.

More coming soon.

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