It's about Luun and her feelings about Zim and how she doesn't think he feels the same about her... It's pretty much the same as all gummed up inside from adventure time,so I can't take much credit... :P But just read it to the tune of that and it'll work... Hopefully... XD

Whenever we're together I feel like flying,

But if he doesn't love me back, what's the point in trying?

I wish I could tell him why,

He's such a great guy,

But I'm just too shy,

He makes it feel like there's an invasion in my body,

Like something's userped my heart.

I wish I didn't feel this way about him,

Because it's tearing me apart.

Oh, I feel like I'm all zapped up inside,

It's like I'm all zapped up inside,

It's like I'm all zapped up insi-i-de.... I-i-ide.

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