This is Vip,she didn't live long,two names:Sadi and Kira

SAZR at twilight

SAZRY Goodness!

Jonny Krueger

this is the JAZR Jon dressed up as "Jonny Krueger" inspired by Will Smith's song "Nightmare on My Steet" XD i had to XD


this is Zlim with out her wings.


Dib is showing Jun how to play Rock paper Siccors. Dib:Rock Jun:Paper


this is Rex.

Ven is dead and gone

Heh heh....Sorry Rae....Ven was the first one that came to mind.... *Looks around nervously* And i give Xee full credit on the base.

Happy late B-Day Xee!

Happy Late B-Day Xee!!here's the SAKR pic you wanted as your B-Day picture.


XD Jonnie breaks the 4th wall XDD I give Xee full credit for the base.

Nightmare Zeel

InSaNiTy XDDD This is Nightmare Zeel

A.A En

A.A En :D Hope you likes it Sis!

My Desk top

This is what my desktop looks like.I'v had this as the desktop pic ever since Hyper drew it. :D


This is Zeel's older sister,Sura.


First design on Ven,First time drawing Vix and First time i drew Jon from a side veiw.XDDD

Two seperat worlds

This is Zeel in and out of diguise.


This was my first atempt at drawing Zim digitaly


Failed atempt at drawing Sadi XDDD

Nev and Ear

SURPRISE GIA!!! Im really proud of drawing this one.i think the dark sky adds a creepy tone,what do you think?

Is this dark enough
3 Gia PMs opened

O_O 3 Gia PMs O_O

Irken base 01 by InvaderGalBlaze

Really? Base

Bleedman base by pixiepuff33-d38dzlp

Bleedman human girl base


Female irken base on the left and male irken base onthe right

Father and Daghter

This is for you Hyper-Sis,I hope you feel better soon :)

Snack time

Awwwz,Sig sharing a cookie with Carmeleta :3

InSaNiTy Idas

Wow this turned out better than i thought XDD


Sadi and Drace :3 talkin

Irken design

Welp....This is the Idea i had Sammy. :D

Pony DJ Flask

Dis is what i think the British DJ Flask looks like as a MLP,hope ya like it Hype ^^

Coal sitting on Zar's head

Zar:Cut it out.... Coal:*Blink blink*


This is the idea i have for Mihs,Hypey. Hope ya like it

This is all of the pictures i've drawn ^^

More pic will come soon,Zeel out!

KiMi in disguise



Rae:*Purrs* Ven:*Giggles*

A Special Surprise

I bet En didn't see this coming.


Female irken base by zerna-d3flrx1

My bad I thought i had only one Zerna Base

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