Adopted? is a Dib and Gaz Romance story written by Conker's Bad Fur Day.


Dib sat in his room one evening looking out of the window. There was snow falling outside. Dib saw the iced roads, the icicles hanging from outside his window and wished that he could have the fun of being outside in the snow. Dib sighed and went back onto his computer to talk to the Swollen Eyeball Network about his latest Bigfoot findings.

Just then, Gaz popped into his room and yelled, "HEY! YOU ATE THE LAST SLICE OF PIZZA!" and held up the empty box of pizza. Dib said, "But there's hundreds of others that you can find in the store..." Gaz ignored Dib and beat him up until he was unconscious

A few hours later, Dib woke up and said, "Why is my sister always so mean? I've got to find out. Me, the Obsessive-Compulsive Dib!" Dib then walked out of his room to his dad's room. He asked his dad, "Dad. Gaz beat me up once again! We have to do something about this!" Professor M., his dad, replied, "She's only trying to befriend you. You know that, right?" Dib said, "But then why doesn't she ask me?" Professor M. replied, "She has problems with communication! Go on, ask her." Dib walked to his room and said, "Gaz being my friend? That sounds like it could never happen! I have to have further evidence on this!" Dib then said, "Yeah, I'm talking to myself again, aren't I?" and breaks the fourth wall by quoting that to the audience.

The next morning, Dib went into Gaz's room, wanting to ask her if she wants to be his friend, but Gaz wasn't there. Dib said, "I wonder where Gaz is... Gotta find out quick! She's always here in her room at this ti... Wait a minute, there's suitcases that are packed! Dad never told me about a vacation! I gotta pack my stuff!" He sighed and said, "Dad..."

Dib went into his room and talked to himself once more. He said, "Why are we going on vacation? Dad didn't tell me!" Dib ran once again to his dad's room and knocked to see if his dad was busy. Dib then tried to open the door, but it was locked. Dib was starting to get suspicious that his dad was up to something. Dib knocked again and there was no reply, but a couple of giggles...

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