Dib screamed at the heavens with the fury of a wild fire.

He was done.

He was absolutely done.

Zim was always going to win, always.

And there was no fricking chance that he'd ever expose him.


Not with his dad, not with Gaz, and not with the ignorant people around him.

King for a Day was blaring from his stereo, the words impressing into his head with a permanent stamp.

He knew the song.

He felt it.

He was oversleeping like a dog on the floor.

No sense of accomplishment in his life.

The song sparking in his ears, his vocal chords producing another shrill cry.

Could he not be a king for a day?

Could he not be?

With the crown upon his head.

The brown-eyed boy grinned with malice.

He was going to get that alien.

Regardless of the trials and fears.

For he did not care.

For he did not care.

He did not want to feel anymore.

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