Chapter One

Noah stood in front of the class, smiling sweetly. While the majority of the girls looked pretty bored, the new student had the full attention of all the boys—all but one. Oh, well. Surprising as it was, she didn't care too much.

She wore a low-cut, short dress that almost showed something, but didn't. She had on green tennis shoes with white laces and soles, along with white ankle socks. She had blond hair with green streaks, and bright green eyes. Her eyes were outlined by black eyeliner, and somehow her darkish green eyeshadow actually looked good on her. While the majority of the boys she met found her too beautiful to not look at, it was quite a chore to look so fabulous.

"I don't really have an introduction planned," she admitted, pulling slightly at her collar and giggling nervously. Overreacting? Yes, but the boys seemed to find it cute. "Sorry, guys. I guess I'll just answer whatever questions you have for me."

Ms. Bitters was the first to ask a question. "I believe the first question is obvious—Why is your outfit so...inappropriate and whorish?"

"Because!"—Noah spun around—"my sister says that there should be teasing, but absolutely no pleasing. Now everyone else can ask question. And please, just one at a time."

"What's your name?"

"Nancy Alistair Kott, but I prefer Noah."

"Where are you from?"

"Deu—eh, Germany. Berlin, to be exact!"

"Why did you dye strips of your hair green?"

"Green is my favorite color, and I wanted to be creative!" She ran her hand through her hair. "Actually, I generally try to be creative with my hair. When I'm neutral, I prefer to wear it down and straight; when I'm feeling particularly hyper and cheerful, I curl it; when I'm happy, I put it up in a ponytail; when I'm upset or sad, I put it in a bun. So, actually,"—she pulled a rubber band from her shirt and tied her hair up into a ponytail—"I suppose you could say that I use my hair to express myself!"

"That sounds really boring." It wasn't a clear voice—it was more of a mumble.

"I like using my hair to express myself. I also like painting, singing, a—"

Ms. Bitters growled. "Sit down."

Noah spun around again, then sat down at the only open desk, still with her bright smile.

A/N: I feel like this sucks. I feel like Noah sucks, too. Mehhh someone give me feedback so I can figure out whether or not I should kill this thing with fire. Alao if you catch the references, you're awesome.

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