A black she-cat sat outside, staring up at the sky with her round green eyes. The bright full moon shone beautifully on her black fur.

A black and white she-cat padded up to her leader. "Fernstar?" She rested her sightless golden gaze on the black she-cat.

"Yes?" Fernstar responded.

"I have received an omen. Six cats will arrive tomorrow. A a black tom, a ruddy-brown tom, a silver tom, and three black she-cats. Two of them are kits."

"And where do these cats come from?"

"I am unsure. I was told, though, 'Four of these cats come from beyond Silverpelt,' but I don't know what thas supposed to mean."

Fernstar jumped down from the large mound of mud and reeds. "That's good. If we can get them to join, our Clan will grow stronger. Two moons ago was the third time we've had to move. More members will help make us stronger. If we can get them to join, we will raid TunderClan. Those prey thieves won't see it coming."

" don't really think that--"

Fernstar hissed and swiped her claws at the medicine cat. "It's my decision. Do not tell me how to run this Clan."

"Yes, Fernstar." The medicine cat dipped her head and went back to her den.

Fernstar stared up at the full moon.

From beyond Silverpelt, the RiverClan leader thought. What is beyond Silverpelt?

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