Meladi was a regular girl, she was 25 years old, had her own apartment, owned a dog, and was planning on getting a job soon. Little did she know, was that this job, would bring to her, the greatest thing she could ever imagine...

Walking to her interview, Meladi shuffled through some papers she was instructed to bring along with her, making sure she hadn't forgotten anything.

"Let's see...resume, check...examination results, check...bac-" She was cut off when she ran into someone, falling back onto the pavement, her papers scattering.

"Oh! Darn it...I'm sorry! Miss, please, let me help you gather these."

Meladi rubbed her head and sat up so she could look at the person whom she had run into.

This person was a man, he looked like he was...About 27, give or take a few years. He had bright, sky blue eyes, and messy dark black hair. He had one piercing in his left ear, and wore an untucked white shirt, with a very wrinkled tie.

"Here, again, I'm so sorry," The man said, handing her papers back to her.

"It's perfectly fine, I wasn't watching where I was going," Meladi said, accepting her things. "...What's your name?"

"Louis," He said, "Louis Dwicky. Where are you going, anyway?"

"I was just on my way to the local Skool for an interview, my name is Meladi Carlson, by the way."

"Really?" Louis asked, his face brightening with a large grin.

"Mhm, why do you ask?"

"That's where I work!" He yelled, gleefully.

Meladi smiled, "Well then, I hope to get the job, and see you around the building."

Louis clapped his hands together happily and asked, "Would you mind if I walked with you?"

Meladi shook her head, "Not at all, Mr. Dwicky."

Louis practically jumped for joy as he walked along with Meladi towards the Skool. As they did so, neither one of them noticed as the other's fingers slowly became intertwined with their own.


Weird, I know, but hey, Dwicky needs love too :3 I hope you enjoyed this :D Until the next update my friends :P

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