"Stupid mastah..." I said, walking up a steep hill. "She thinks I'm just a mindless robot." I said. I felt something hard hit my head, and I fell over. I got up, seeing it was a tree. I sat under it for what seemed like minutes in my eyes, but what was really hours in reality. I took a piggy out of my head and hugged it tightly. "Oh, why can't she see who I truly am, and not just see me as a stupid hyper robot?" The moonlight shined on the tiny robots metal body. I sat on top of the hill under the tree,as I looked over the top. I could see the whole town from here. "I've tried everything I could to help...I've tried helping her with her inventions and science thingies but she would always yell at meh and call me an idiot...All I did was spill a little bit of water on it..." I said, as a tear ran down my face. I felt useless, like there was no meaning in life for me. "There's no meaning for me in life if I can't earn my mastah's love..." I said. Just then, I heard a familiar voice calling for me. "KiMi? Where are you?" the voice called. I knew that voice anywhere. "Mastah!" I said, running over to her, and hugging her tightly. "There you are, KiMi, I was so worried about you!" Xeena said, hugging me back. "But I thought you hated me?" I asked. I could never forget the next sentence that Xeena said. "KiMi, listen to me, I could never hate you. You're my S.I.R unit. I know I can seem pushy and mean, but it's only because of stress. If I could have the option to pick another S.I.R I would instantly turn it down. You've made me laugh when I was sad, and you've comforted me when I was upset. You're like a sister to me." I could swear I was about to cry from what she had just said, as a smile appeared on my face, knowing she truly cared. You know, maybe my Mastah wasn't so mean after all.

Okay I'm literally about to cry from this because of how sappy and sweet the ending is. ;-;

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