Name:What are you deaf?Call me Ven.

Age:14 in Irken years

Parents:have none

What's Your Style?:Gothic.lots of black and greys!

Do You Have a Flaw? If So, What Is It?:Huh?Well I do blow my top when i get teased for being different......

Pet:a black wolf pup named Ash.She's really nice....for an earth creature

Do You Have a Crush?:Crush....Don't you mean forever love? And i'm not afraid to say his name,it's Rae.I love him with all my soul and being.


Favorite Activity?:hand to hand combat! i love sparing with Zeel.She's a great fighter!

Biggest Problem?:Tanri!She called me a rip-off of Vix,when I'm clearly a Goth!

Favorite Famous Person?:Haven't been here that long.

Best Subject?:Designing! I love making new Desinging my out fits!

Worst Subject?:Any subject with bright and sunny things!

Closest Friend(s)?:En



Age:12 in irken

Parents:I have none

What's Your Style?:My own twist on my uniform.

Do You Have a Flaw? If So, What Is It?:A flaw? I tend to scare Dib with out thinking about it.

Pet:Can't have one,i wind up sneezing.

Do You Have a Crush?:Crush?Don't you mean boy friend?Shim of course!

Sibling(s)?:Sadly an older sister that always treats me like i defect and takes every thing i love.

Favorite Activity?:Art!I love,Love,Love Drawing!!!!

Biggest Problem?:Sasha.....GGRRRR....i honestly wish she'd leave me alone....

Favorite Famous Person?:Well,i've always enjoyed reading Edger Allan Poe's books

Best Subject?:Art class.i alway choose Shim and Luun to be in my Group!

Worst Subject?:Math.Earth math is so boring!I always wing up falling asleep

Closest Friend(s)?:I guess Shim wouldn't count seeing as he's my boy i guess it would be Jon and Zim.




Age:I'm 4 in Irken years

Parents:Zeel and Shim

What's Your Style?:Hmmm.....A mix of Momma and Daddy's uniform!

Do You Have a Flaw? If So, What Is It?:I tend to pop off at The Dib-Stink when he gets on my nerves,but that's not very often.

Pet:I don't have one,Momma's allergic to them

Do You Have a Crush?:I guess Keef.People just need to give him a chance,he's really a nice human!

Sibling(s)?:I have none.

Favorite Activity?:Any thing that involves making things out of clay!

Biggest Problem?:Toeto,OH MY TALLEST! that neko gets on my nerves!! Saying that Daddy disappearing was no big deal!

Favorite Famous Person?:I don't know really........

Best Subject?:Not in skool yet.

Worst Subject?:Not in Skool yet.

Closest Friend(s)?:Eve,Zag and Dib.When Daddy disappeared,Dib helped me through it,Daddy's back now!




Name:Rexil....just call me Rex if you don't mind.

Age:13 in Irken years

Parents:Um....i guess Deathbloom....and *Shudders* the Tallests

What's Your Style?:any thing arodinamic

Do You Have a Flaw? If So, What Is It?:I hate it when people call me by my real name

Pet:A falcon named hunter.We go flying alot

Do You Have a Crush?:Um.....Jun.

Sibling(s)?:I guess Kagami......i think......

Favorite Activity?:Flying in the clouds

Biggest Problem?:Zasasa and Eveyln

Favorite Famous Person?:...........

Best Subject?:i don't go to skool

Worst Subject?:I don't go to Skool

Closest Friend(s)?: Jun


Name: Sig

Age: Im 5 in irken

Parents:Rae and Ven

What's your style? :Bright colors

(More on Sig will come soon)

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