"What's wrong, Scipy? Why aren't you coming out for Halloween?"

The hybrid was holding a pair of broken goggles that looked like advanced technology. She was wearing a red cape. "My goggles are broken, Eileen. I'm worried it will be hard for me to focus. And...I'm just tired. Maybe another time, okay?" Scipy said. It was clear she wasn't acting like herself. "Um.. okay. Another time," Eileen said sadly, frowning and closing the door.

"Maybe if I give her some candy, she'll come!" Eileen happily staed the idea. She went out to get some candy. "We both have capes. If Dib comes, we'll have red, blue and purple!" she said to herself. She went to the first house she saw and knocked on the door. "Trick-or-Treat!" she greeted as the owner opened it. "Oh, hello, here's a candy bar. Are you sure you'll be okay qithout a basket?" he added, handing her the candy. "Yep!" she replied, taking the candy bar. She ran off to go tell Scipy.

Scipy looked up from her goggles at the sound of her doorbell. "What?!" she snapped, opening the door. "HIII! I got you some candy! Do you want it? 'Cause it's really good. It's got chocolate and candy and stuff and it's, like, candy. Yay! Candy! I like it, do you? Do ya want it or not?" Eileen said, almost to fast for Scipy to understand. "No, Eileen. I told you to go away!" She shouted back. A tear fell from Eileen's eye. "You mean.. you don't want me here?" She ran off crying, not even closing the door.

Scipy stared at her open door and felt a pang of sorrow. She thought for a moment and realized that the girl had tried her best to make her happy. This was a treat worth going outside without goggles for. She set down the technology, ready to go apologize to Eileen. Scipy also had something else to say. Something she'd only said to Dib before. She was going to tell her that she loved her.

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